5 Misconceptions About Buying Cannabis Online in Canada

There are a lot of different restrictions, regulations, and rules regarding buying cannabis around the world, especially in Canada. It can be hard for people to understand what is actually legal and what is illegal. It seems to be even sketchier when trying to buy such a product online in Canada. Unfortunately, with so much fear surrounding the market, there are a lot of misconceptions constantly being shared around. I think it is time for people to understand that it is completely fine to buy cannabis online.

However, going shopping online for marijuana-related products is not just one click away. It may require a little bit more research and attention from you to ensure that you are buying from a reliable brand and that the product is legitimate. But, there really is no need to worry too much.

In this article, I am going to tell you about all those different misconceptions and what you can do to ensure that you have made a smart purchase.

1. Buying online is illegal

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This is probably the most widespread misconception around the world and in Canada. Since marijuana is illegal in a lot of countries around the world, it only seems reasonable to avoid cannabis-related products from the Internet. People simply do not want to risk buying something that might get them in trouble.

However, that will not happen in Canada and I think that it is time for its residents to understand that it is not illegal at all. It is not anything different than going to an in-real-life coffee shop and buying CBD oil. It only makes things easier and more practical for users around the country. So, it is time to forget about this misconception and understand that buying such products online is completely legal.

Although, I do have to mention that it might be different for some countries where marijuana is illegal. So, before you make any kind of purchase or decision, I would suggest you do some research in your country and find out what kind of rules and regulations are placed regarding cannabis.

2. International shipping

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A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a company or a website will be willing to ship their products to a country where marijuana is illegal. Not only will it pose a serious problem to the company trying to deliver that item, but the person ordering it can get into trouble. Depending on the country’s regulations it can be anything from a fine to jail and even prison.

So, please, before you do anything, make sure that your country supports the use, sale, and consumption of cannabis. Although, if we are talking about Canada, you probably will not have to worry about a thing because residents here can enjoy the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana.

3. Lower quality

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There is also a widespread misconception that marijuana items bought online are of lower quality when compared with buying from a regular brick-and-mortar shop or dispensary. Well, I can tell you that this is completely untrue. There are companies that sell cannabis on the Internet that have the same level of quality as anywhere else in the world.

However, I do have to mention the fact that there is a much bigger chance that you might end up on a website that is trying to scam its users. Many fake or scam companies try to sell low-quality CBD or hemp oil that has not been regulated in any way.

Although, it is important to remember that this happens in every possible market. That is why it is so important to be careful about which website you have chosen to purchase the item that you need. If you are having trouble finding reliable and trustworthy websites, you can check this about all the different herb and cannabis-related websites and maybe even grab a discount coupon/code.

4. It is expensive

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Since the Internet provides us with much easier and better access to all kinds of different markets, some people assume that it makes sense for those products to come at a higher price. They also believe that the same applies to the marijuana market. But, that is not true at all and it is a very popular misconception that should be disproven.

Whether you are buying from a real-life physical dispensary or online, the pricing will be the same. Sure, there might be some slight deviations from the original price, but we are still talking about the same product. Sometimes, there might be coupons or discounts that can save you a couple of dollars.

However, you should not forget about the fact that there will probably be shipping fees. Usually, these will not be more than a couple of dollars, especially if you are located in Canada. Some companies are willing to ship their items for free if you are locally located.

5. You can pay with a credit/debit card

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Unfortunately, this is a misconception that I also had no idea about. It makes a lot of sense to be able to use your credit card to pay anything you want online. Many people think that it is the only way to pay for a product that needs to be ordered online.

Well, things are a little bit different when you have to buy cannabis online, especially in Canada. You cannot use any kind of card to pay for your purchase. It does not matter if it is a credit card or debit card.

Since banks demand very high commission charges from online cannabis dispensaries, they have abandoned the idea of allowing users to use cars to pay for their products. Instead, you will have to pay for everything in cash when your order arrives. So, make sure you have enough cash in your wallet is ready when the item is about to be delivered to your home. Otherwise, they will not give you the order if you do not have the money.

As you can see, there are a lot of confusing misconceptions and information roaming around the Internet and Canada regarding online cannabis purchases. But, I hope that this guide will guide you to the real and truthful information.

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