Wi-Fi Calling on AT&T would be available in 2015

T-Mobile has given the feature of Wi-Fi calling and Wi-Fi texting to almost all the customers carrying a smartphone by T-Mobile. Whereas only limited numbers of smartphones from Sprint carries the feature of Wi-Fi calling and texting. These smartphones from Sprint includes Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

AT&T has different plans in mind and does not want to pay the feature of Wi-Fi calling to its customers. AT&T also suggests that it would open the doors for Wi-Fi calling for their customers but that could possibly happen in 2015 and the feature would be just an accompaniment to the 4G LTE and 3G voice network.

According to the AT&T volume of unlicensed spectrum the feature has not yet revealed makes it feel odd. Also Vega commented about the AT&T that, they are not interested indulging in the fight with the T-Mobile for Wi-Fi Calling as they don’t get a feel of entering the Wi-Fi calling or texting competition with others. But Wi-Fi Calling does increases the call quality over the Wi-Fi connections. This would be advantageous for the Home and Office calling use.

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