T-Mobile collaborates with Gogo for In-flight connectivity

In-flight connectivity is literally available in the air space and gives you almost high prices for the services. Gogo here holds the monopoly for in-flight connectivity almost in the air space. T-Mobile has made a partnership with Gogo to provide in-flight connectivity to customers. This will allow T-Mobile customers to send text messages, picture messages and also voicemail with their phone numbers using the Gogo’s in-flight system.

T-Mobile customer’s needs to have a smartphone with Wi-Fi Calling enabled in the flight mode and it should also be connected to the Gogo’s Wi-Fi network to make or send messages and voice mails. RunwayGirlNetwork makes a point of Gogo’s in-flight system as, this service is a low bandwidth service and it will not consume the Gogo’s air to ground ATG connectivity stream pipe.

AT&T has also been asking the FCC for 4G LTE-based in flight service. Also some rumors reports that Verizon will join the agreement with Gogo once the T-Mobile deed expires according to RunwayGirlNetwork.

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