Top 10 Cherished and Luxurious Housewarming Gift Ideas to Impress Your Loved Ones

If a friend or a close relative has just moved into a new house, housewarming gifts always help them in creating a home that they can be proud of. It is not just about giving any gift, but something that will help them in transitioning easily through a rather overwhelming process.

It is though difficult to find the right kind of gift which you want them to enjoy in their newly owned space. It should be something that can be used and is yet elegant and considerate. It is easier to select a gift when you are invited to a neighborhood house warming party but could be a task when you need to select a gift for someone very close.

You can get some ideas and even buy luxury gift boxes from Bonnage. Their fine collections of home decor or home entertainer gift sets are wonderful gifts that can be bought at moment’s notice to congratulate the new homeowners. You will be always remembered when they will use these elegant pieces.

Luxuries housewarming party gift ideas

You can choose these gifts and add some personalized touches to gift your loved ones some amazing presents when they celebrate their new home with you:

1. Side table:

Source: IDC
  • A compact and light table that can be moved around the house is a versatile gift that can be used in multiple ways.
  • You can use to keep the night lamp in your bedroom, or
  • You can keep using it to keep your plant decors in the living room.
  • The ideas are endless and it becomes a beautiful, elegant, and flexible gift option.

2. Cutting board:

Source: Misen
  • Choose marble or pure wood cutting boards to make them a perfect luxurious housewarming gift.
  • It can be personalized with logos, quotes, conversion charts, and handles to make it unique and stylish.
  • It is an ideal gift for couples who love to host parties.
  • It is versatile enough to be used as a cutting board and even as serving platter for cheese and meats.

3. Memory Keeper:

Source: Jenna Leigh Tait
  • It is ideal for those who cherish every memory with photographs and small trinkets.
  • Use elegant color tones of cream and blush pink to give it an extra luxurious appeal.
  • Add metallic tones to a box that can store small trinkets as a perfect memory keeper.
  • A gold-finished photo frame can be a perfect luxury gift for your friends who love to go visit the memory lane often.
  • You can visit stores of high-end designers to add something admirable to the collection of the new homeowners.

4. Vinegar and oil bottles:

Source: New Walls
  • They are available in many intricate designs and give the dining table a more modern look.
  • Choose a high-end glass bottle with an oak stopper and see your friends go in complete awe when they receive this gift.
  • These bottles are also versatile and can be used to serve juice, wine, and milk too.
  • Buy it in pairs or multiple sets to create a perfect addition to their kitchen countertops.

5. Unique key holders:

Source: Urban Twist
  • Keyholders are an essential item on the buying list of every homeowner.
  • You need a place to hang all your keys otherwise your morning routine will always end up in chaos.
  • To add to the luxury, you can get them a key holder lined with precious metal, or studied with some beautiful stones or intricate designs.
  • A rustic old stone or metal engraved with a customized message will be cherished on the wall of their home for a very long time.

6. Fragrance:

Source: Gear Patrol
  • Nothing ever goes wrong with fragrant touches.
  • Scented candles and aroma diffusers are some of the safest housewarming gifts that are sure to receive admiration from everyone.
  • Spend some time in exploring pretty candle holders.
  • Deliver the aromatic candles with a style and modern character with some unique and antique designs.

7. Planters:

  • Choose planters in metallic colors and ceramic base for an expensive look.
  • Planters can add life to any room instantly.
  • Mix and match colors to add a more chic vibe to a living space that has been designed with minimal decor.
  • Use metallic vases in different shapes or heights for a more modern touch.
  • Give those vases life by adding mini succulents, cactus, or air plants to make them even more attractive and lively.

8. Herb growing kit:

Source: Mason Jar Lifestyle
  • This is kit is going to blow the minds of anyone who loves adding herbaceous flavors to their dishes.
  • They can make their own kitchen garden with this unique and mini gift from you.
  • You can add a personal logo to all the planters to let your loved ones see the efforts you have put in and will make them feel extra special.
  • They will remember you each time they will add fresh basil to their pasta.

9. Cushion love:

  • You can play with different textures, fabric, and colors to make a unique collection for their new home.
  • It is apt for those who love to curl up on their couch for movie nights or book reading sessions.
  • From luxurious silk thread cushions to beautiful hand-knitted patterns, cushions are loved by everyone.
  • You can also add a set of matching and exclusive bedding set to add an extra layer to the gift.

10. Glassware:

Source: Kim Seybert
  • Go for luxurious glassware and impress your loved ones.
  • Antique bar tools can also be included as a part of the gift or as standalone to bring charm to their bar area.
  • Crystal barware is yet another decorative and cherished selection that holds a space in any bar collection.
  • You can also add a unique touch with marble coasters or a precious bottle opener.

Help your loved ones celebrate in their new home with these luxurious gifts. It will surely warm up their hearts. You can some unique decorative styles to add a personalized touch of love or humor to your gift box to let your friends know that you always have their back and will be present in all their good and bad times.

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