Benefits of Getting Shingles on Your Roof

The roof of your house is the most important part out of all as it provides shelter and protection. Protection is always the number one priority for a person, and shelter is the most basic need. That’s why a person should invest wisely when it’s about a shelter or rooftop. If the rooftop gets damaged or made by low-quality raw material, then everything down in the house is at risk. The quality of materials used is mandatory in terms of rooftop manufacturing. For that reason, you need a professional roofing expert to do so because this is all that saves you from the harsh weather and other mishaps. That’s why it needs to be firm and strong always.

Rooftops manufacturing needs a good and experienced person, for that you need to contact any well-known company. If you are living in Orlando, Florida, you can contact one of the leading roofing Orlando fl. company RBS Roofing for a great and good quality experience. Coming towards the roofing raw materials, the shingles are used widely to make rooftops.

Shingles are used to cover the rooftops due to many different reasons that I am going to explain in this article. They are made up of typical asphalt, wood, or rarely with slates, but the best among all is asphalt. They install in an overlapping manner. The most important aspect of getting shingles installed on your roof is to hire a reputable and reliable roofing contractor. The benefits of using shingles are as follows;

Installation Ease

The primary benefit of using asphalt shingles is their ease in installation. They can be easily fixed at a minimum cost. Although you cannot install it on your own, for the better placement, you need to hire a professional and reliable roofing contractor. It takes around 2 to 3 days for the complete installation of these kinds of roofing.

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The shingles are highly durable, especially the asphalt ones, they can resist all types of harsh weather, either it is raining or high scorching temperature, even from snowy winters. Another benefit is that they are provided with vents to eliminate the entrapped moisture. These materials have an extended life span and likable eminence.


Another significant benefit of shingles is that they are adjustable for all types of roofs; they can be arranged in all shapes and angles. So here you don’t need to worry if you have a complicated roof. These types of roofing are suitable for all of them regardless of their design.

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Color Range

The asphalt shingles are available in a large variety of shades from dark to cool. The cool ones reflect the light while the dark ones absorb the rays; you can choose them as per your needs. The shades may fade with time and if you wash them aggressively. This is the reason that the colors may not be found at the time of replacement of some roofing pieces, and the roof seems like a chessboard.


The asphalt shingles available at a very low cost if we compare them with their performance and long term stability. In this cost, it provides many benefits like resistance from harsh weather and algae as well. These immense advantages worth all the money spent on the roofing.

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Design Variety

Asphalt shingles are available in a wide variety of designs and shades. Most of the time, builders use 3-tab shingles for the rooftops. Other superior types are also available in the market. Many of these are designed in a manner to give the appearance of slate or cedar shakes in different shades also.

Algae Resistant

In the roofing industry, one of the biggest problems is the growth of fungal algae, moss, or unwanted plants on the roof due to entrapped moisture in it. The wooden roofing has the chances of this mishap more. Therefore, the asphalt shingles are far more reliable as they are algae resistant and protect the rooftop appearance.

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Easy Repair

Just like every other contractor could set up shingles for roofing, every expert can restore these types of roofing as well. You’ll also scramble to achieve a roofing expert who could do the maintenance work once you choose a unique material, from metal roofing to tiles. You might even have to contract with the same firm to have your roof repaired to get maintenance for a patented roof structure. The advantage of asphalt roofs is that you can change the contractor and consult to any other firm for this job also because of the easy installation.

Sound Resistant

Shingle rooftops have an unnoticed benefit in its capabilities, which is to insulate sounds. In a full roofing structure, the arrangement of these types of materials provides sound insulation against exterior vibration. Depends entirely on the build, these can be considerably quieter than metal roofs, and much smoother with major rainfalls and high winds.

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Another major benefit is that the asphalt shingles are environmentally friendly as they can be recycled. As compare to plastic, they provide superior quality after being recycled and also don’t degrade after multiple recycling processes. The recycled asphalt can be used to repair roads, which also provide good quality to the roads in actual. Similarly, they can also be used in power generation once they get older.

Energy Efficient

It’s quite difficult to understand how asphalt shingles can be energy efficient? The science behind that is the color and material of the shingles. The dark-colored shingles ad the synthetic ones absorb the heat and UV rays and keep your house warm, and the light colors reflect the radiations and make your house cool. Even if the city has more houses with these types of rooftops, the temperature of the atmosphere will decline 2 to 3 degrees as well.

Some other benefits might include that they have a better life span than other materials like wood. The asphalt would last longer up to 20 to 30 years. They are sometimes fire resistant and impact resistant as well. They can resist high wind storms and provide protection. They are even more appealing as compare to other roofs and give an aesthetic look to the house.

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