When Is the Right Time to Buy High-Quality Furniture?

Whether you’re renting or you’ve bought a house there’s no doubt that a lot of time has been spent making that place feel like a home. We spend weeks decorating our homes to ensure that it feels and looks exactly as we please. It is where we live after all. The big jobs are first, painting rooms, maybe even a renovation and a change of layout. Once that’s complete it’s down to decoration, pictures are hung on the walls, personal trinkets are placed around and the thoughts are then directed towards furniture. At first, most people just get something that’s functional so they can live whilst they find the perfect fit. Furniture can be an expensive buy, especially when you set your mind on some hand made, high-quality pieces.

The question here is when is the right time to buy that kind of furniture? Is there a good time to buy? Here we take a look to see if there is really a right time to buy.

Personalized Furniture

Let’s start with some high-quality hand made products. Is there a good time to buy this kind of furniture? Well, it’s always good to get something that’s personalized to you. The furniture experts of thefirthgroup.com explain that it’s an investment that will stay with you for years to come. Whether you’re importing from another country or using a skilled carpenter down the street, you’re going to get a product that’s designed specifically for you. Not only is it just for you, but it’s also made with a lot of skill and will last a long time.

The best thing about personalized furniture is you’re always going to be proud of it, you’ll always be pleased to come home and see something that was designed specifically for you. Because of this, there isn’t a perfect time to buy, instead, there’s always time for you to purchase something of such high quality.

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January & July

If you’re looking for a bargain then it’s good to look at when stores release their new lines. New furniture hits the shopfloor twice a year in February and August. Every store that stocks furniture will want to keep up to date with the new styles coming out so they will need to clear out any old stock to make room for all the new stuff. This means in January and July there are often heavy sales on anything that’s not going to survive into the next season.

This isn’t just stock, ask about any deals the shop you’re in might have. Ex demos or samples might come with an even better discount so it’s always worth asking the question. As these shops want all the old stock gone they are usually more than happy to partake in haggling. With an ex-demo piece of furniture that’s on sale, there is a chance to get it for a price so low you could consider it a steal. Either that or they might even throw in something else alongside the piece you want. Don’t ask, don’t get!

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August – October

The end of summer, this might be a strange time to suggest buying outdoor furniture but it’s one that will save you hundreds if you do it in the right way. End of season sales always hit toward the end of the summer because shops know that people aren’t going to want to buy new outdoor sets so they can sit outside in the snow. If you can plan ahead and decide what kind of outdoor furniture you’d like for the following year then you’re going to grab yourself an absolute bargain.

This trick is known by quite a few shoppers so you’ll have to jump on it pretty quickly. The best furniture will disappear pretty quickly to those shopping in the sales first. To use a cliche that is fitting for this situation, the early bird gets the worm. If you can have a conversation with the store you like, they might be able to give you a call when they start marking down their products.

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Summer Time

The majority of people moving house tend to like doing so in the summertime. This means that plenty of used furniture will start filling second-hand shops, thrift stores, and antique stores around the months of July-August. Families tend to leave an awful lot of high-quality furniture behind so it’s always worth taking a look to see if you can grab a bargain. This kind of shopping is sure to grab you a piece of furniture that will look and feel amazing within your house.

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All Year Round

It’s not just summertime that’s brilliant for second-hand shops. New year’s resolutions tend to mean people want to start fresh and get rid of things they aren’t using. Some might decide to become a minimalist or just get rid of some extra furniture. January tends to be a great time to buy furniture from both second-hand shops and new stores.

The main point is if you’re looking for furniture for your home then there’s no “right time” to buy something unless you’re looking for the best deal you can possibly get. Homes will always need furniture to fill it and there will always be some kind of deal on depending on which shop you go to. There is always a way to get the most for your money. It might take a lot of research and some time gathering together information to compare but you’ll get there eventually.

The reality is, if you need new furniture now then now is a great time to buy it. If you’re looking to save some money and grab yourself a bargain then look at what time of year you’re in and see if you can wait before buying. There’s always a bargain to be had, you just need to look for it. Never settle for something you don’t like in your house. Just because a stand-alone bookshelf fits in the living room doesn’t mean it has to go there. Don’t settle for something you’re always going to look at and not enjoy. Your home is worth more than that.

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