10 Foods You Should Never Let People Eat in Your Car

Everyone’s different when it comes to the upkeep of their car. Some people won’t have food and drink in there at all. Others aren’t so bothered if things get a bit messy. However, there are a few foods that you should avoid altogether, no matter what your opinion.

Here are the top 10 mess-makers, and why they’re not a good idea for travel food. Don’t worry, though, we’ll also give some tips on clean up, and what foods are good for taking with you.

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The Culprits

These are the worst ten foods to let people eat in your vehicle, and why they’re such a pain.

1. Coffee

It’s very dangerous to bring hot drinks while driving. If there’s a spill, it could cause injury, distract the driver, and cause further damage.

2. French Fries

We all know that fries are great to eat on the go, but they’re not so good for your car. Placing greasy paper bags on the seat can leave dark discolorations, especially on leather.

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3. Ice Cream

Melting ice cream is one of the stickiest food substances out there. It’s almost certain that someone eating it will manage to let it melt somewhere inside the car. The fat in the cream can soak into your seats and be difficult to remove.

4. Soup

This is a similar issue to the hot drinks. Hot soup will likely go everywhere when the car has to brake. This is again distracting for the driver, and also a massive clean-up job.

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5. Ribs

Ribs are one of the messiest foods under any circumstances. It’s almost impossible to eat them and not wipe your hands all over the place. Rib sauce is also notorious for leaving stains.

6. Burgers

These join a whole host of issues all in one delicious food. The greasiness is a big problem, but burgers also have sauce to leave stains and sticky fingers to be wiped on upholstery.

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7. Gummy Candies

These may seem harmless, but gummies are one of the worst things to remove if they’re dropped. They melt very easily, so definitely a bad choice in the heat.

8. Chocolate

Similar to the previous point, chocolate melts. It will soak into surfaces, be difficult to get out, and also leave grease stains.

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9. Tacos

While greasy outsides, melted cheese, and plenty of sauce may make for a delicious snack, it’s pretty much your worst nightmare to clean. Cheese is hard to remove and leaves grease marks, and the sauce will stain.

10. Jelly Donuts

Nobody can ever predict where the jelly will squirt out of a donut. It’s massively sticky and tends to spread when you try to clean it. Powdered sugar is also one of those things that you can never quite get it all.

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What to Do When Accidents Happen

Steam cleaning can cut through grease and tough dirt easily while using less water than a car wash. Steam cleaners are more eco-friendly than many other methods, and the portability of them makes them ideal for interior cleaning.

If the accident had occurred on the exterior of your car, there’s no car wash that couldn’t repair the damage done. Maybe you can even consider getting the high-performance car care products from CarPro for maintaining that showroom glow.

What’s Safe to Eat?

There are plenty of things you can let people chew on the go. Generally, avoid any liquids at all, as well as anything greasy or sticky. Packaged solid foods are generally a good way to go. For snacks, try brownies or flapjacks that can be easily eaten over a container. Fruit and veggies are fine, but try not to choose anything too juicy.

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While the takeaway foods might seem like an easy option for on-the-go, the high levels of grease are the worst thing for your car. Things that spill are usually a no-go too. The best thing to do is avoid these culprit foods altogether, and opt for some of our other suggestions. However, when there’s an emergency, steam cleaning seems to be the way forward.

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