Will CBD Oil Make You High?

Cannabis is quite a controversial topic, as not so long ago, it was illegal in many countries. It was treated as a drug because people often smoke it in excess to get high. This however had a negative effect on the reputation of CBD oil and other CBD infused products because people began wondering whether you can actually get an accidental high while using them. To understand why this is certainly not the case you need to understand a few concepts and take some factors into consideration.

There are also various reasons why people worldwide are using cannabidiol oil and lucky for you, here you will find all the different details of why and how people use this compound for their physical and mental health simultaneously. If Cannabis is still illegal in your country it is better to check with experts before buying CBD oil because even though it is not necessarily a substance that you could use for nefarious reasons, the authorities in your resident country may have a different opinion based on the laws prohibiting cannabis.

1. What is CBD Oil

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CBD is actually a compound that is found in marijuana, but that does not necessarily make it bad or harmful. CBD can also be referred to as Cannabidiol which is its official scientific name. There are hundreds of other compounds in cannabis or marijuana and some of them do actually cause a high, however, luckily it is not one of them. CBD oil is extracted from the plant itself so that people can receive the benefits of cannabis without worrying about losing their mental functions. It was discovered in 1940 and as mentioned above it is one of 113 compounds found in cannabis, so you can rest assured that it has been researched thoroughly for the last almost eighty years. In fact, cannabis extract consists of approximately forty percent of CBD.

This compound’s oil is extracted from Cannabis just as any plant-based oil is extracted. Then it is refined so that it does not contain any of the other compounds found in the plant. This means that the more distilled and refined the oil is the higher the quality it is going to have.

2. Benefits of CBD Oil

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There are so many factors for consuming this type of oil, it can be unbelievable at times. Cannabis has been known to be a prescribed drug for people who suffer from pain and need pain relief. Cannabidiol has these pain-relieving properties without resulting in a high. It is also quite the lifesaver for many people who suffer from anxiety and other mental illnesses as it has a very calming effect on those who consume it. If a person deals with anxiety on the regular, they will quite likely benefit from CBD oil whether it is used in food, smoked, or vaped. The list of benefits goes on. The oil can be very helpful in treating acne. It also has neuroprotective properties and is beneficial for your heart’s health as well. Sometimes, it is used for cancer-related symptoms so that cancer patients can handle the disease better.

Because of the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties found in this well-known oil, it is quite useful in decreasing the risk of getting heart disease. It is also used to treat some symptoms of depression and because it is a natural product, it has very little side effects compared to other chemicals used to treat all of these different illnesses and symptoms.

3. What is THC

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THC is the compound found in cannabis that supposedly gives people a high when they consume cannabis. In Cannabidiol oil, this compound is almost non-existent. You might be wondering why you need to know this information. This is to help you get a better understanding of the different components you need to look for in the oil that you purchase. Experts from JoyOrganics.com note that a good quality CBD oil has no THC in it. Another name for THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol and it is defined as the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Although CBD has a calming effect on people, THC gives them more of a high than a calmness. As mentioned above, it is better to have CBD as refined as possible so that you do not have any effects resulting from the presence of other compounds in the oil.

4. How CBD is Consumed

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There are different ways that one can consume cannabidiol in. As previously stated you can consume it through food, and you can actually find a ton of recipes online with CBD oil as one of the ingredients. You can make desserts or even savory dishes infused with CBD so that you can get the benefits of the compound while enjoying food that you prepared yourself. Of course, if you are making food with CBD it is best to follow recipes so that you put in the proper amount of CBD oil in the recipe. You need to keep in mind that if you are making a recipe for more than one person, you will need to adjust the amount of oil so that it is not too potent or too weak. You can also consume CBD by smoking or vaping too. If you already smoke, you can simply add a couple of drops of CBD oil in your choice of cigarettes. You can also roll your own cigarettes to ensure that the CBD is spread throughout the entire cigarette. Vaping also does the trick and is much safer than smoking is because you inhaling the vapors without all the other harmful substances found in cigarettes.

Being aware of these different concepts ensures that you know exactly what you are putting into your body and what exactly the effects of CBD each compound you are consuming is. In conclusion, CBD oil does not get you high, especially if you consume it in the required amounts. If you get CBD from a reliable seller, you will receive a report of all the substances found in it and what exactly the effects of each are.

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