Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Prone to Bend

iphone 6 bent

Apple announced this month and started selling it out across the globe in many different countries. Now more 20 countries will be added soon in the list of sale market. iPhone 6 has a display size of 4.7 inch and the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a display size of 5.5 inch. No doubt it would bend as it is so sleek and larger.

You can see this to know How you can Prevent your iPhone 6 from bending

Mac Rumors reported two of their commenter said their iPhone 6 got bend from the center when they kept the phone in their pocket for a while. This means they might have kept their iPhone 6 in their pocket (as we don’t have many options to keep out somewhere) for some time and also would have sit, stand, walk and just that much and if these activities can give a damage to the iPhone 6’s body then what would it do when you will use the Health App for running, skipping, walking, taking stairs, jumping and etc.

Coming to the users again, one of the user’s said, ‘He kept his iPhone 6 in the pocket while he was on the way to attend a wedding in his car driving for about a 4 hour journey. He was wearing a suite and pants with his iPhone 6 in his pocket. He was having his iPhone 6 for about 18 hours in his pocket as he sat for dinner at the table, walks with his phone in pocket and also danced at the wedding. When he looked at his iPhone 6 after sometime, he noticed it was slightly bend from the center.

iPhone 6 is meant to be the smartphone with all the amenities to offer to its user. The whole body is made out of metal which is the first thing to keep in mind, secondly the glass on the front of the screen is a Sapphire glass (that’s not the point here as glass didn’t broke) so if it is made strong, ‘How could it bend’.

It is not the first time that users have mentioned about the bend in their iPhones, many reported users have also complaint about the iPhone 5s as well. Everyday there are some complaints emerging on the web about the iPhone 6 get bents. So, Apple should do something about this issue if this continues to happen then the reputation of Apple might get eaten with this issue.

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