8 Reasons Why You Might Need a New Rug

Rugs are usually overlooked when thinking about interior design, but the truth is, they are probably one of the most important parts of any room. Because of how forgetful they might be, people often don’t pay them much attention and sometimes don’t even notice when it’s time to replace them. Here are eight reasons why you might need to get a new rug.

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8. Out of style

A carpet can really make or break a room – it creates a certain vibe just as much as the walls do, so it’s pretty important. Trends go in and out of style all the time, but we all know that old-looking, granny carpets are just not it. It’s not that hard to keep up with the trends, especially if you decide to go for a minimalist route. Designers state that neutral colors are the best, check this site to learn more about the wonders of minimalistic carpets. It’s definitely time to revamp your home and give it a fresh new look, and what better way to do it than by getting a new rug.

7. They Can Add Decor

Is your living room dull and boring? Well, getting a new rug can certainly bring some life into it. Carpets are usually seen as something practical, there to warm you up and keep your feet from getting cold, sure that is true but what about using rugs as decor? Furniture and practical things like carpets can truly transform any space with just a little bit of effort. Lots of ideas and inspiration can be found everywhere to make you inspired and ready to decorate your dream living room – starting from the rug. Always remember to have fun and play around with different designs and patterns while you are at it.

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6. Tears and damages

Dragging furniture around, sharp objects, and general thinning of the carpet over the years can cause it to frail and tear all over the place. This might start small and unnoticeable, but soon enough your whole carpet will be messed up and start to unravel by itself. This never looks good, and to some degree, it can even be dangerous, you can totally trip if the tears are big enough. So, instead of patching it up and trying to salvage it, you need to consider replacing it all together as it’s simply not worth it.

5. Your health

Your health should be your top priority, and sometimes even the little, seemingly unproblematic things can compromise that. Something like a carpet can deal a great amount of damage and discomfort to you, as allergies are not to be fooled with. This is especially common with old carpets, as they are the most prone to be filled with allergens. In some cases, they are even made with materials that you might be allergic to, so you need to get a new, allergy-proof carpet if you want to live an allergy free life.

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4. Old Stains

Accidents happen, regardless if it’s small or big, stains are inevitable on any living surfaces. When washing and bleaching your carpet fails you, hiding those stains by placing miscellaneous items and furniture might be fun at first, but it gets tiring after a while, you’ll full up your entire room trying to cover them up. Stains are nasty, especially if your carpet is super light, it can be noticeable from a mile away, so the only thing that’s left (after you’ve tried to cover those wine stains with a new plant) is obviously getting a new rug to replace it. This will also teach you a lesson to be more careful with spilling your stuff.

3. Bad smell

Spilling something like soda or any liquid that doesn’t leave a visible stain, does leave at least a little bit of damage that won’t go unnoticed. Sometimes we might spill something and totally forget to clean it up, that, later on, starts to stink or even worse mold…this combined can leave a nasty feeling in your living space. Also, pet owners have this problem too, especially those with cats and dogs, as their bodily fluids can seep into the carpet and leave a long-lasting foul smell. Regardless of how much you clean or bleach it, some smells just can’t get out of the carpet, and your best bet is to get a new one.

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2. Old’s gotta go

Sometimes, there might be nothing inherently wrong with the carpet – but that doesn’t mean you should keep it forever. Keeping your grandmas rug from the 60s seemed like a good sentimental idea, but maybe it’s time to let that go and replace it with something new and fresh. The usual lifespan of a carpet is a few years, somewhere between 5 and 10 years – depending on how you take care of it, so you might want to consider getting rid of anything that’s beyond that age and replace it with something newer and better. Keeping something for sentimental purposes, or solely because you think there’s nothing wrong with having a carpet that’s been in your family for generations is never a good idea.

1. Fresh start

Moving out of your home that you’ve spent years decorating can be a hassle, but bringing unnecessary things to your new place is even worse. The same goes for rugs, it’s extremely hard to fit your old rugs into your home – chances are they simply won’t fit, and cutting them just isn’t the best idea. So instead of holding onto something like that, consider choosing a new carpet instead, decide on a new color or design – this is a good way to decorate your new home however you want it.

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To wrap things up

It’s easy to overlook a small stain or a small tear, but you need to understand when it’s time to let it go, especially if it starts to play a toll on your health. Allergies are not to joke about, and also mold can be extremely bad for you as well. At the end of the day your well-being should be a priority, but also a bit of style and decor won’t hurt anyone, so choose a fresh, fun-colored rug or a monochromatic modern design for your home and you won’t regret it.

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