Nina Smith

How to Care for Your 18K Fine Jewelry

You’ve just spent a small fortune on 18K fine jewelry. Very nice, right? Now comes the not-so-glamorous part: taking care of it. You didn’t think you’d just wear it and forget about it, did you? Let’s get real about maintaining that sparkle and shine, so your investment doesn’t turn into a tarnished regret. The Basics…

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The True Cost of Buying a Modular Home ─ Is Your Wallet Ready?

When considering homeownership, many people look to modular homes as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional site-built homes. However, understanding the true cost of buying a modular home involves more than just the sticker price. Various factors contribute to the overall expense, including land acquisition, site preparation, utility connections, and customization options. For example,…

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Evaluating When It’s Time for a Career Change ─ 5 Tips from a Life Coach

In today’s economy and job market, the concept of a career change is becoming more relevant than ever. Many professionals are finding that re-evaluating their career paths is crucial for achieving not just professional success but also personal fulfillment. But what you should do when something like this occurs? Let’s see what a certified life coach would…

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