Pruning Trees: Why Should You Let the Pros Do the Work?

Pruning trees is the process of cleaning dead and possibly diseased parts of a tree. If you have grown trees before, you have probably noticed the branches that grow back into the roots of the tree and further away from the leader branch. Pruning is the process of cutting these branches off to ensure that the tree is getting all the nutrients it needs. You would also need to prune your tree if you want to create a certain shape in your garden. But mostly, it’s used to promote the development and growth of flowers and fruits. To shape it in a certain way that will let it grow healthier and develop fruit.

Pruning is a regular part of tree maintenance that changes the form of the plant. It also prevents insects and protects the tree from diseases. It’s an essential part of the formation of any plant, but if it’s not done right, it could kill the tree. Even though this may seem like a simple process, it’s a bit complicated.  Ideally pruning is supposed to be done during a certain season to enhance its shape and overall health. Here’s why it’s important to learn how to prune the trees in a professional way or just let someone with experience do it for you.


It Needs To Be Planned Out

You can’t just decide one day that it’s time to prune your trees. There’s a specific time for pruning, not only that, but you have to be prepared to do it. It’s a pretty dangerous process that one needs to think through before executing.  You also need to take a look at the tree and evaluate the risk factors and challenges that you might face and how to overcome them.

Even if you own the gear, boots, and the tools for it, you still have to make sure the sharp tools are well maintained and ready to get the job done. If you’re going to have to dig deep and get in there to reach a few branches, it’s better to call a professional to help you because it could get very tricky. Using chainsaws while standing on ladders is not as easy as it looks. Professional plant keepers will have the right tools to prune your tree safely and effectively. Plus, you can’t simply get tired and decide to hold the tools in a lousy way that may lead to hurting yourself and the plant.

Source: Vintage Tree Care

Avoid Setting Fire To Your Whole Garden

Pruning can cause sparks that can set off big fires very easily. You need to know how to deal with it quickly before it becomes uncontrollable. You also need to avoid being next to power lines, cables, or any electricity, so you don’t end up putting anyone in danger. The equipment you use needs to be battery-powered tools for protective purposes. Professionals know what to look for and how to avoid these situations. Also, when you’re done pruning you will need to burn all the excess branches out. You need to understand the fire regulations in your area and follow safety procedures while getting rid of the bad tree branches.

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Understand The Legalities

There are rules for cutting trees, using dangerous equipment and setting a fire near them in so many places in the world. You need to know if you will need a permit or some kind of license to prune the trees around your house or office. Tree service professionals at this website state that a tree maintenance company will remove stumps, trim, and brush your trees after pruning to guarantee results. Pruning trees can cause them to fall off, which can damage their surroundings. Hiring a professional that is licensed and insured will give you a hassle-free solution to maintaining your garden. At least they will remove it if it falls off and the insurance company can take care of the damages. You don’t want to be responsible for making a tree fall off in a neighborhood filled with people.


You Can’t Do It Alone

Some trees need work and their branches would be so complicated and close to each other. You need a professional’s help because they assess the situation and decide that they need the help of a third person, they will be able to bring their team along. Also, in case of emergencies you need someone to be there to call out for help right away.

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Know The Type

There is a big variety of tree types in the world and accordingly, there are different types of pruning that will help each one stay healthy. It also depends on the current state of the tree. You need to be able to establish whether you need to remove branches to increase light exposure and allow the air to flow throughout the tree. In some other cases, you’re going to need to cut off low branches to make space around it and avoid accidents that could be caused by some tree branches. Professionals would understand if the tree needs trimming and removal of the dead branches and bad fruit or if it needs some heavy pruning to the crown to reduce its height to get rid of a certain disease. They will have the proper tools to get the job done without risks and with the least damages possible.

The thing with pruning is that if it’s neglected or not done right, it will eventually result in a tree that has plenty of health problems and produces weak branches and leaves. However, there are plenty of things that you have to prevent and avoid while pruning your tree. There are many things that you have to consider like noticing and covering wounds to prevent infections from spreading to other branches. There are certain tools, techniques, and measurements to cutting specific parts and branches of any tree, you can’t just decide to do it out of the blue.  Remember to hire a professional, who knows what they’re doing and not just trying this because they understand how it works by reading a couple of articles on the internet.

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