How to update iPhone and iPad to iOS 8

Now that the Cupertino giant has released its biggest ever iOS update, we all are excited to see what it has to offer us and what’s new in the box? If you are like me super excited to see the iOS 8 features, read on and I’ll tell you how you can get iOS 8 running on your iPhone in a few minutes. iOS 8 is only supported with the following devices, so check if your device is compatible before you jump on to the next step:

  • iPhone 4s and above.
  • iPad 2 and above.
  • iPod 5th Generation.

Done? Great, now that you know your device supports the latest iOS lets move to the next step.Things you will need before you get ready to upgrade your device:

  • A decent Wi-Fi Connectivity. (The software update files are usually large so a fast internet connection will help you save some anxiety and let you get the iOS experience faster. But even if you don’t have a superfast network don’t worry, you still got not option!)
  • Laptop with the latest version of iTunes installed.
  • Your iPhone and its data cable/charging cord.
  • This isn’t something you will need physically, but its important to backup your device to your iTunes or to iCloud to prevent any loss of data.

That’s all! Now that we have all the ingredients ready, let us straight get to our recipe…oops the guide I meant.


So first things first, connect your iPhone to your laptop, if you haven’t already done it. On the top right corner select your device and click on it. Go to the Summary Tab and click on Check for Updates. You could also click on Restore if you wish to erase everything and get it to factory settings. After you check updates you should see that a download is initiated. That’s it! That is all you need to do. iTunes will do the rest. But remember, do not unplug your iDevice from your Laptop until the update is successfully done or else your device might get stuck in between. Your device will reboot once its done updating to the latest iOS and that’s when it would be advisable to unplug your device.

On the other hand, if you don’t like connecting you phone to laptop or you don’t have your laptop on you, you could also update your iOS over-the-air. But in this case, there is just a small catch, your iDevice needs to be running at least iOS7 or above to be able to update over-the air.

So if your device has iOS 7 and above, Go straight to your Settings and go to General.  In the General section click on Software Update. You should see the iOS 8 update showing up, now simply click on Download & Install. That’s it! Your device will re-boot once its done updating the phone and you will have a hands-on experience of the new iOS. And the best part about updating your phone over-the-air is that you can continue to use your phone while the software is getting downloaded.

That was all about updating your iDevice to the latest operating system. Get downloading now and please do share the best features that you are looking forward to using on your iDevice. Also share the ones you feel we should not miss at all.

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