Apple iOS 8 Features and Complete Details

Apple iOS 8 is the next big software update of the Apple iOS devices. It was announced at the WWDC in June this year. The update will be available for the people using iOS devices will be coming on 17th September. There are many new features that the iOS 8 has brought with it. The features like the iCloud Photo Library, Health App, QuickType Keyboard, Messages App, and Handoff. We will see these new features in more details below. The iOS 8 also brought some security updates and management improvement. Let’s have a look at the features in the iOS 8 update.

Apple iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 Update Feature List:

  • The Photo App is updated and now it gives you smart features like the new search feature for searching your photo, organizing your photos, Smart Albums and the new and powerful Editing Tools.
  • The Messages App is also updated with new ways of interacting with your friends and family, it gives you tap to add a voice note to any conversation you are having, send the video at the same time you are having the conversation, share locations etc.
  • Notifications are updated enhanced which lets you deal with the notifications right off the time you received it with the notification banner, shortcut contacts on the multitasking interface, updated Mail App , Safari updated with the tab features that you have on your iPhone.
  • The Keyboard is updated and now gives you perfect suggestion for typing, now you can change your keyboard as per you want as the doors have been opened for developers to create new keyboards.
  • Family Sharing is the new feature which lets you share upto 6 people the iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases with same credit cards. All the family members are now connected to share or view the albums you shared at the Shared Family Album, Calendars stays in sync in all the 6 devices, locations enables the exact location where your family member is, find your iPad’s and iPhone’s with the same app, parents can control your purchases and will be notified what you are about to purchase.
  • iCloud Drive lets you save all your documents, presentations, images and lets you access on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or even on PC. Editing on one device will get it synced with all your other devices too.
  • Health App gives you a dashboard of your fitness activity data, Manage your tracking, setup details in activity, health activities will be saved just for you just to keep it more secure there are security on your health activities.
  • Handoff lets you connect all your iDevices and Mac with each other, receive calls on your Mac, make messages from any of your iDevice or Mac, WiFi Hotspot connection for your Mac.
  • The updated Spotlight lets you search the very right thing for yopu with its new and interactive search feature. You can now search for News, Wikipedia, Nearby Places, iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, Movie Showtimes, Suggested Websites and this feature works everywhere like in Safari.

The Apple iOS 8 is opened for developer by bringing the features like the developers Homekit, metal, custom actions and trending search. Apple iOS 8 will be available for Apple iPhone 4s and all the later devices, for iPad 2 and later devices, iPad with Retina Display and iPod Touch 5th Gen. All the features that are shown above will not be available for all the devices supporting the iOS 8. It is also dependent on the regions where you live and according you will get the features.

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