How Often Should You Purchase New Underwear – 2020 Guide

Do you remember when you got new underwear and replaced your old one? Well, many people do not know the answer, or they may feel embarrassed if they talk about such a thing. It is not fine if you are wearing the same undergarment as other outfits until it gets damaged. It is not necessary that you will throw them out when you see holes, threads, or loose elastic of it. You must know the time when you can use the same underwear.

Personal hygiene is not a complicated process, but many people ignore it. If you stay unhygienic, then not only your partner will hate you, but you will be prone to many diseases. It is your prime duty to keep yourself well-maintained to not get ill due to your bad lifestyle. You will not visit a doctor when you follow a healthy routine. Changing yourself a bit can change your life forever.

In the following write-up, we will discuss how often you should but a new boxer. It is essential to maintain hygiene, and it starts with the clothing. You should be concerned about what you are wearing and in what condition your clothes are. With time, thousands of harmful bacteria can accumulate in your undergarment and cause severe infections. Underwear is very close to our private parts, and it is necessary to stay protected by changing some of your unhealthy habits.

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How to Determine the Right Time for the Replacement of Your Undies?

Many men do not know when they purchased a pair of undergarments, and they keep on wearing the same garments for many months. Well, it is hard for some people to determine the right time when they should think about the replacement. There are many ways to check whether your underwear gets wear out or getting damaged. You can check the color, sagging cloth, fading, loose waist elastic band, etc.

These things will give some fine hints to determine the time when you must replace your old boxers. Sometimes, a person can see such changes, but there are other ways too. As we know that with time, bacteria get collected, and therefore, you may feel irritated or itchy sometimes on your sensitive parts. These symptoms are also possible even if you clean your undies regularly by maintaining proper hygiene.

Which Fabric One Must Consider for the Underwear?

Undergarments should be comfortable and breathable so that you can easily relax and feel relaxed. It must fit well. Therefore, you should prefer cotton fabric, which is soft, stretchable, and durable. Pima cotton gives the desired comfort and support, which is essential for your body to stay cool. This is something that you can wear for the whole day. The best part is that it comes at an affordable price.

There are plenty of brands and online stores like that sell good-quality underwear with soft and comfortable fabric. You can get different designs in boxers according to your preference. This brand offers undergarments in different sizes, colors, and patterns for different types of buyers. You can get pure cotton fabric or mixed with some spandex for extra stretchability and comfort when it comes to fabric.

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When Should You Wash Your Undies?

You must remember that you should not wear your underwear for more than a day. Your entire day makes it sweaty and a big dump for germs. You must not think that if you wear more than a day, then you will die. But you will experience itching and a lot of discomforts. If you want to avoid such problems, then make sure you wash your boxers regularly.

You must include hot water while washing. Use a good-quality detergent, along with any disinfectant, so that it kills the bacteria properly. You must keep your undergarments in detergent water for some time and then take them out. Therefore, you must take care of this process to stay away from harmful bacteria and its severe bad effects on your health.

When Should You Purchase New Underwear?

It is necessary to get new undies and replace the old ones in between 6 to 12 months. It is okay if you have a drawer full of boxers, but you must know how you are using them and when you should replace them. If you have many options, you should swap them and wear different underwear daily.

Also, men who wash their undergarments regularly must take care of this thing. If you are a sportsperson or do gym regularly, then you will have different needs for the replacement. You will likely more sweat and get more bacteria on your sensitive parts of the body. It is necessary to maintain your hygiene and keep everything clean. You must get boxers of the right fabric and change them within six months.

You have to change your lifestyle a bit to keep yourself hygienic and well-maintained. Every man lives his life differently, and it is necessary to check how you are living, whether it is healthy or not. You can keep yourself away from infections and rashes by maintaining your hygiene. You have to add good habits in your lifestyle and change undergarments whenever required.

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The Bottom Line

Underwear is an essential part of clothing, which should be well-cleaned to maintain your hygiene. It is necessary to wear clean undies and replace the old ones within 6 to 12 months. You should not wait longer till it gets damaged with holes, loose elastic, and much more. With time, thousands of harmful bacteria get accumulated on it even when you wash it properly.

There is an expiration date of these undergarments. You have to buy new ones and replace the old ones to keep yourself healthy. In this way, you will maintain your hygiene and prevent bacteria from your private parts. It will make your partner happy and infection-free, and you will also not suffer from foul odor, rashes, and other harmful infections. You must change your lifestyle a bit to step forward towards a healthy life.

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