12 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car From a Dealership

Buying a new-to-you car can be one of the most significant financial commitments that you will make. Although it is a very stressful condition for a consumer, yet a little preparation and homework will help you to convert your trip to the used car dealership feel like a piece of cake. Richard Chevy offers answers to all your questions. They have a variety of good condition vehicles, and the buying process is smooth.

Now, here are twelve questions that you can ask your dealer to get the car of your dreams and to avoid scams.

1. Is the paint on this car original?

This question holds immense importance while purchasing a used vehicle. If the vehicle is repainted, it can be due to a large number of reasons, including accidents. Beware of painted cars and check every part to assess any colour difference. Ask about the source of the difference in case you find one.

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2. Can I take the used car for a test drive?

Before asking about the price and making the deal final, take the used car for a test drive. A test drive is a great way to judge its functionality. Any fault in the it can easily be assessed within 15 minutes of drive. If it meets your needs without causing any issue after the test drive, then you can progress further. If however, the dealer doesn’t let you take it to drive, consider finding another dealership.

3. Does your dealership have demos that are for sale?

Demos or dealer demonstrator are vehicles that are used for test drives. These cars are almost new, with only a few hundred kilometres on them. Ask the dealership if they have any demos for sale. Most dealers start the warranty of the used vehicle after they are purchased, thus providing you with a vehicle that is almost brand new with warranty and within your budget.

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4. Where did this used car come from?

It’s essential to know from where the vehicle came from as used vehicle can come from a variety of sources including the demos as mentioned earlier, from auctions within the network of dealer franchise, or other dealers. The source will help you to obtain a detailed maintenance history of the used car that you are interested in.

5. Will the dealership provide me with the documents of the vehicle?

In addition to knowing the maintenance history of the used vehicle, it is vital to get a third-party vehicle history report. This report is usually paid for by the dealer, and many dealers use this report as a source of advertisement to attract buyers. If the dealer baulks when you ask about reports such as CarFax, definitely walk away. Another important thing to consider here is to check the vehicle identification number to match with the one that is mentioned in the report provided by the dealer.

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6. Can I take the used car to my trusted mechanic for a further check-up?

Most dealers will have no problem after listening to this question and will instantly allow you to take the vehicle. If however, the dealer baulks or hesitates, consider it a warning sign and walk off the lot. But ask this question only if you are serious about buying it. Consider it the last step before buying.

7. Have you done any services on this used car since you got it?

A used car can sit on the dealer lot for months or even years. During this time, it needs to have services or scheduled maintenance performed. It is very crucial to get this information as a recent maintenance history on the used vehicle that you are interested in means less cost to you in the future.

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8. Does the dealer have in-house finance offers?

Many of the new car dealerships offer this type of in-house financing and if you are lucky enough to find one that provides this offer on used vehicles, try to avail the offer by getting as much information about it as you can and then consider asking your financial institution for a car loan.

9. Do you offer any discount on buying it with cash?

Most of the dealer prefers a cash purchase as this method is convenient and provides instant cash. Ask the dealer what will be the discounted price if you it buy with cash and skip the convention financing route.

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10. Will you take my existing car as a trade-in?

This question is valid for those customers who already own a car. Trading your old vehicle for a new, used car saves you the hassle of selling your older one separately on your own. Not only will you get a better price for your existing vehicle, but will also get a better and cost-efficient alternative.

11. Will the accessories or equipment be included in the used vehicle?

Once you have your deal final, adding this question to your questions’ list will be like a cherry on top. Ask the dealer if the used car comes with a new set of tires, floor mats, back camera or rims. If your dealer answers with a yes, consider yourself at a benefit.

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12. Do you offer a return policy?

Buying a used car from a dealership that offers a return policy is key. While some dealerships don’t give you a straight forward answer, there are individual customer-friendly dealerships that are happy to provide you with enough time to rethink your decision. However, it is unlikely for a dealership to give your cash back no matter how good their customer services may be.

Ask the questions as mentioned above before making any purchase of the used vehicle from a dealership. These simple questions will not only enable you to find the car of your dreams but will also help you to be satisfied with your decision in the future. It will give the dealers an insight that you have done your homework and are efficient enough not to get deceived.

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