Buyers Guide To Sash Windows Double Glazing

Sooner or later, each house needs repair. This usually concerns the interior decoration, doors, windows and other elements. Much attention should be paid to the existing glass unit. Windows with wooden sashes look very attractive but require specific care. The presence of these elements can extend the service life and give an original look to the building facade.

Sometimes, additional glazing is required. Before starting to work, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors. In some cases, the installation of secondary glazing is impossible and it is worth to consider another way to restore or repair windows.

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Let’s suppose, you have a single-glazed window. Will you be able to order the installation of an additional glass unit? This option is not the best. This is due to the insufficient strength of the frame. It may not be able to withstand the additional weight. In this case, the wooden sashes will be deformed or damaged and the functionality of the window will reduce. In order to minimize the damage that the installation of additional glasses units can bring, it is possible to use counterweights and other methods that can increase the reliability of the window frame fixing.

The glazing bars in single windows are not too deep. They are not designed to be restored. So try to consider one of the alternatives, which will not damage the existing window. Fitting new double-glazing to traditional and feature wooden sash windows requires specialist knowledge and experienced craftsmanship.

As an integral part of our renovation service, we preserve the architectural charm and traditional quality. This is combined with the best modern advancements in materials and methods. In this way, the attractive period details are centre-staged and your property benefits from enhanced durability, functionality and longevity.

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Should I Replace Single Glazed Windows with Double Glazing?

In houses built a few centuries ago, there was a low level of thermal insulation. This leads to the necessity to connect additional heating devices. As a result, the amount of money spent on electricity raises. This problem occurs in houses with single glazing. You can then replace the glass unit with a new one including double glazing.

The windows with wooden sashes and double glazing have an empty cavity. It is filled with an inert gas (argon or krypton). Gas molecules provide a poor thermal conductivity. Heat loss is then significantly reduced, so the warm air remains inside the room.

The original windows may have a rather good condition. In houses that are of historical value, it is impossible to replace the glass units, as this will lead to a loss of authenticity. Therefore, it is worth considering other options that will not disrupt the appearance of an architectural building. The cost of such work is much less than the full window replacement.

You can contact a special company that offers sash windows double glazing in Essex. The secondary glazing has the same result as installing a new double glazing unit. You will keep warm in your home and can continue to use the original windows. The outside of the building will remain unaffected. The modern technology allows to add an additional glass from the inside, without affecting the original glass unit.

The choice of secondary glazing installation method depends on the configuration of the existing glazing unit. You can order sliding or hinged secondary glazing systems. The mandatory condition is a preliminary inspection of the window frame and sashes quality. This will allow to verify the possible ways to add glass without changing the design.


Let’s suppose that you have wooden sliding windows. Is it possible to equip them with additional glazing? It is necessary to check the state of the frames. If they can accommodate and withstand an additional sash, it is worth applying secondary glazing. It is not needed to replace the window frame; just add a new sash with high-quality glass.

A specialist of our company will be able to inspect and verify the condition of your glass unit. In this case, the most appropriate decision will be made to replace the entire window or to supplement it with secondary glazing. One solution involves the replacement of the movable sashes with double glazing sliding sashes. This technology offers several advantages:

  • the cost is much lower than a full glass unit replacement;
  • the secondary glazing will be energy efficient compared to a single glass;
  • the house will be protected from drafts and noise insulation.

Sash Window Draught Proofing in Essex is a great way to keep a home warm. Small gaps in the windows or a loose closure of the frames causes drafts. The cold air enters quickly into the room, the temperature drops and you can forget about the heat.

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When the window closes hermetically, you will not notice even the slightest draught, dust particles from outside or excessive noise. The installation of secondary glazing will make the house warmer and more comfortable to live in. During the work, specialists can restore wooden sashes and glass, if necessary. It is possible to install new fixtures and locking devices.

An upgrade of the glass unit allows to increase not only the functionality, but also the safety of a home. If the windows are securely closed, intruders will not be able to break inside the building. Additional glasses cannot be removed from the outside and it is impossible to affect the strength of their closure. The windows will be securely closed from the inside thanks to the renewed locks.

As a result of the restoration work, windows will become durable, lighter and easier to operate. The existing mechanisms that facilitate a comfortable window opening will be strengthened. The professionals of our company are ready to perform a wide range of services. You can find out the preliminary cost of works from our managers. It is easy to verify all possible ways of carrying out a restoration work directly on our website. A detailed description of technologies can be found on the pages of the following website

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