6 Common Trail Camera Mistakes Every Beginner Hunter Makes

The newest advances in technology have changed the way hunting works. Going on a hunting trip without the necessary hunting tech equipment has become unimaginable. One of these incredible hunting gadgets is the trail cameras. Unfortunately, many novice hunters make some simple mistakes that largely reduce the efficiency of these useful gadgets. Avoiding these oversights is extremely easy and it can be exceedingly beneficial to your hunting journey!

Well, in this article, we’ll provide you with some of the most common trail camera slip-ups beginner hunters make, so you’ll easily avoid them and improve your hunting skills in no time!

So without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

Mistake number 1: Bad positioning

As simple as it may seem, almost every beginner hunter goes through a lot of trial and error before getting the camera placement right. Consider any obstacles in front of your camera, and make sure you’re not placing it too low or too high. Trail cameras aren’t made for capturing the whole landscape, so if you place them incorrectly, you might not be able to see everything you need to see.

Make sure to check the angles and don’t leave until you’ve found the perfect position. Measure the height for future reference and make improvements as needed. Once you do, you won’t have to worry about camera placement ever again!

All in all, correctly placing your trail camera is of the utmost importance for a successful hunting trip, so make sure you do it right!

Source: goHUNT

Mistake number 2: Forgetting about scent control

You probably have a scent control routine for when you’re going hunting. For some reason, many hunters forget about this when they’re going to check their cameras. The animals don’t care whether you’re there with an intent to hunt them or simply to check the gadgets you’ve mounted the day before. If they’re able to detect your scent, they’re likely to reposition farther away from your cameras. So, don’t forget about scent control the next time you go to check your trail cameras! Otherwise, you might end up scaring the animals away, and it will all be a giant waste of time.

So, whatever you do, hide your scent when you go scouting, and try your best not to disrupt the animals while you’re checking or mounting your trail cameras.

Source: Bushnell

Mistake number 3: Overly frequent visits to the hunting site

When you’re going on scouting trips, your primary goal should be to remain undetected. As exciting as camera checks can be, it’s much more productive to reduce the number of trips to the woods. You want the animals to stay at the site you’re monitoring, and with every new visit, you’re increasing the risk of disrupting them and scaring them away.

So, avoid checking your cameras too much. They’re made to be able to withstand extreme conditions and they’re equipped with enough battery life to last you for weeks. Your main goal is to keep the animals where you want them to be, so avoid doing anything that could possibly make them relocate. If you fail to do so, then all of your expensive hunting gadgets will amount to nothing.

Source: Digital Camera World

Mistake number 4: Getting the wrong camera model

If you aim to become a pro hunter, then all of your equipment should be top-notch, and the trail camera is no exception. So, make sure to do your research until you’ve found the right model. Your trail camera should have long battery life and sufficient memory so you’re able to avoid constant trips to the woods. It should also be sturdy and as unnoticeable as possible.

Luckily, there are a plethora of different models that all come with useful settings and features. All of this can be quite confusing to a novice hunter, but don’t get discouraged if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for right away! Join an online community of hunters and seek advice from your more experienced colleagues, or perhaps get some recommendations on hunter websites such as https://itishooting.com/.

Whatever you do, don’t opt for the first model you see, since you’ll probably run into some problems later on. Instead, do your research, so you can get a model that lines up with your expectations and fits your budget perfectly.

Source: Petersen’s Bowhunting

Mistake number 5: Not checking the settings on your camera

Trail cameras are simple devices, so you won’t have any problems learning to use them. Still, many hunters make the mistake of forgetting to check their camera settings! If you accidentally set your trail camera so it films videos instead of taking photos, you might end up with tons of useless material. Other than that, make sure to set the date and time, and check your sensor settings. Try testing the sensors before mounting your camera so you avoid any useless photos overloading your memory card.

Other than that, many trail camera models come with special features, so remember to use them to your advantage. Properly setting your camera will help you get the results you need, so ensure you optimize it to your liking.

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Mistake number 6: Spending too much time in the woods

The longer you stay at the site, the higher the chances of disturbing the wildlife around you. As we mentioned before, keeping the animals where you want them to be is of the utmost importance. You won’t be able to learn more about their movement if you’re monitoring the area they’re avoiding. These animals have evolved to sense danger, so you’ll have to outsmart them by being sneaky.

All in all, make your visits quick, and never prolong your stay more than necessary. All of this will ensure the animals stay in the area you’re monitoring, and you’ll definitely have a successful hunt once the season starts.

The conclusion

If you’ve only just begun your hunting journey, learning how to properly use trail cameras is vitally important. These gadgets are simple to use, but you’ll still have to be mindful of your surroundings while doing so. The key is to go unnoticed! Everything that could disturb the animals around you should be avoided at all costs.

Other than that, make sure to check the settings on your device, invest in a high-quality model, and you’re certainly going to be successful!

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