7 Cars That Every Collector Needs in Their Garage

Interested in collecting classic cars? Then, you’ve come to the right place. There are different vintage cars that you can choose from depending on several factors that include the vehicle’s history, make, model, and country of origin. Here are the seven cars that every proud collector needs in their garage.

1. 1970-1976 Porsche 914

Source: Reezocar

This is a collectible car that was developed together with Volkswagen. This car was manufactured in the 1970s and it greatly appeals to the interests of younger collectors today. This car is relatively affordable and it is also easy to handle among other model porches. The 1976 model is valued between $32,900 and $50,000. This sports car is fast, and it should be part of your garage if you are interested in vintage cars.

How To Sell Your Vintage Car

Selling a vintage car can be challenging because not all buyers will understand its value. The sales professionals from BeverlyHillsCarClub.com explain that specialized classic car sellers are experienced in buying and selling vintage cars of European and American models, so you might want to look into those before putting your car on the market. Some sellers may even specialize in one type of car or a specific make, while many buyers restore the purchased vehicles back to their original shape. With the right information, you can sell your classic car and get the vintage model of your dreams.

2. BMW M5 E39 (1998)

Source: Autocar

BMW is a reputable car and an expensive one for that matter. BMW M5 E39, 1998 model is one of the best automobiles ever made. The car is not the fastest BMW but it can perfectly compete with various modern cars and beat them. The vehicle boasts of 4.9 liter V8 and double variable valve timing. It offers 400hp, 500 Nm of torque as well as 0-100 km/h within 5.3 seconds. The automobile has been featured in different films and is considered a luxury vehicle. It can also be used as a family but mainly an executive car.

3. Dodge Challenger 1970

Source: pixabay.com

The Dodge Challenger is a classic car that is featured in several movies, and it is a must-have collectible. This car is the pride of America and it was made in 1970. It boasts a 7.2-liter 440 V8 and 390 horsepower. This automobile belongs to the category of sports vehicles. The vehicle is reliable, and it consists of a manual transmission.

4. Lamborghini Miura P400 SV 1971

Source: Sports Car Market

Miura is a supercar with only two seats, and it is the world’s first vehicle with a mid-engine. The Lamborghini was originally established in 1966, but the P400 SV version is the perfect one. This automobile was named after a bull, the Miura P400. It consists of a 3.9-liter V12 engine and boasts of 385 hp. This Italian-made vehicle is a perfect collection and it is a super-fast sport utility car. However, you should know that the car is pricey and it can cost you around $2 million.

5. 1999-2005 Ferrari 360 Spider

Source: Autotrader

This Ferrari 360 Spider is a beautiful classic sports car that you can consider for your garage. However, you must know that the car does not come cheap and it is significantly gaining popularity as a vintage collectible. The automobile is expected to cost you between $82,000 and $89,000. A Ferrari is a brand name that has a position in the sport utility vehicle category.

6. Jaguar E-Type

Source: Netauto.rs

The 1960 Jaguar E-type is a classic sports car that was once described as the most beautiful car during its heydays. This automobile is a great collectible that was made in Britain. The vehicle can reach up to 150mph, and the performance of its braking system is far greater than most cars that were made during its era. This great collectible car should be part of your garage, and it is quite expensive.

7. Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing

Source: Carsales

The list of collectible vehicles is never complete without mentioning the household name, Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing is among the first post-war era sports cars, and it was introduced in 1954. It boasts of direct fuel injection, and it can reach 160 miles per hour. This vintage car is expensive, and studies show that more than three-quarters of the original cars in this category still belong to their owners.

The automotive industry started from humble origins, and it has evolved over the years to produce the super-fast, flashy, and expensive cars we have today. However, vintage cars continue to appeal to the interests of many people, as they continue to hold a unique and timeless charm to this day. The model and year of manufacture are probably the first things that come to mind when you’re thinking about starting your own classic car collection. The cars mentioned above are some of the most priceless classic automobiles that you should consider for your collection.

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