Advanced Hunting Equipment That Can Make You A Pro

Hunting is one of the most exciting activities you can try. Whether you do it for sport or food, you can learn a lot from it. You get to experience being close to different animals while learning about them and their natural habitat. You can also develop your survival skills by understanding the safest ways to hunt successfully.

You will also learn a great deal of patience because tracking and chasing your target might take a while. The most important lesson of all is the need for correct equipment that can make your hunt go smoothly. Read on to learn about some of the best and advanced hunting equipment that every pro hunter needs.

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Scent Killer Spray

Every animal in the wild has a heightened sense of smell, and you should counter that with some scent killer sprays. Try to mask your scent by spraying all of your clothes, gear, and weapons. Be careful and don’t spray on bare skin to avoid irritation. Spraying your headgear, weapon, and hunting clothes will prevent any smell from spreading.

Scent killer sprays are quite useful because your target will not notice or smell you there at all. It works better when a hunter pays close attention to the direction of the wind. Tracking your game downwind will always trigger their senses, but coming closer from a different direction and with this spray will trick the animal into thinking that you’re too far away to be a threat. This technique will always make your hunts successful.

Wireless Earbuds and Waterproof Speaker

When you’re outdoors and hunting with a crew, you will need a way to communicate. Since keeping quiet is of the utmost importance during a hunt, wireless earbuds need to be a vital piece of your outer audio equipment. Given how long the waiting can be while you’re on the hunting trip, alone or otherwise, waterproof Bluetooth speakers can help a lot to entertain you and the gang during the quiet moments at the camping fire.

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Hunters are only as good as their shots’ effectiveness, and they need rangefinders to increase their accuracy levels. These distance-measuring tools are designed to calculate the distance between you and your target,  to know how far the target is from your spot. Even professional and seasoned hunters need to confirm their estimated calculations just to be sure. The device is also useful for scanning the terrain to find the right path to take when you’re tracking an animal. If you want to avoid missing shots and making the animal run away, then think about investing in these devices.

The last outcome you need is wasting more hours for tracking after you missed a shot. You can find more details about rangefinders, scopes, sights, thermal equipment and other sighting devices at Lunde Studio. They have a bunch of reviews and articles about different weapons and accessories.

Satellite Communicator

Another excellent piece of equipment that hunters should get is a satellite communicator. These devices are a combination of a cell phone and a GPS tracker. They don’t need cellular signals to work, making it easy to operate by connecting to the world’s satellite network to locate your position. These GPS communicators are essential because you can call your family or friends to tell them that you’re delayed, or you can call for help.

Accidents can happen, and you might need help getting out of a tough situation. You can use them when you’re done with your hunt, and you need help hauling your target to the mainland. It’s quite efficient because you will only carry one device instead of two, having a phone that can call, send messages, and connects to the internet. Also, you can see where you are on the GPS screen, and you can send your location to other people to find you.

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Game Calls

Having a set of different game calls will be quite beneficial for your hunting journey. Game calls are special whistles that are designed to attract different animals and birds. The whistles are exceptionally effective during mating season, but you can still use them for better chances of catching your target out in the open. Some birds and wild animals hide in the bushes and trees, making it difficult to get a clean shot. However, when you use a predator call, duck call, owl hooters, turkey boxes, and any other whistle, you can attract them out of their confined habitat just for a short while. Animals and birds can be very curious, and if they hear a familiar sound, they will follow it. Try to remain hidden and camouflaged to ensure that the animal doesn’t spot you and run.


Placing decoys in an open area is smart to lure animals close enough for you to get a shot. These objects are designed to look exactly like the animal you’re hunting. The key is to use scent killer sprays all over the decoy because an animal can tell if it’s fake or not. Wearing gloves will be helpful when you’re setting up the decoy to avoid leaving any scent on them. Curiosity will always drive the animal to come and investigate, especially if it looks like a female doe, and you’re trying to catch a large buck during mating season. Luckily for hunters, decoys aren’t just for big game targets. You can have some for ducks, geese, turkeys, and even wild boars.



Investing in a multi-tool knife is a lot more efficient than carrying a lot of tools with you. Too much weight in your pack can be a problem, especially if you’re planning on tracking for a while. Multi-tools are quite handy because they’re not just a sharp blade and they serve multiple purposes. It can be a can opener, pliers, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, nail file, awl, cutter, saw, and a lot more. The 10-in-1 version is the most convenient one for hunters to ensure that it has several uses. Also, the serrated blade is perfect for cutting through hard exteriors that have soft interiors.

You need a great deal of discipline and patience to hunt efficiently. You have to be quick on your feet but still silent enough that your target doesn’t notice you. It may take time to master the hunting art, but it will be a lot easier if you got the right gear and equipment for it. For the sake of your safety, consider having all these equipment and tools with you on your next hunt. Not only will it save your life, but it will also ensure that leaving empty-handed is never an option. With the right set of advanced hunting equipment, you can track and hunt successfully every time.

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