Microsoft unveils Windows 10 Operating System for all Platforms

Microsoft Windows 10 is the next iteration of the Windows OS. It’s been in rumors since a long time now, but the rumors that we saw or heard was about the Windows 9 and it wasn’t focused on the naming scheme.

This latest OS is not running anymore in the naming scheme sequence with numbers but have introduced some great features which present the breakthrough technology on the new Windows. An even number jump of the new Windows 10 OS as said by Microsoft that it would give amazing great features for multiple platforms; be it computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones etc. and not only the features but it will also offer the same interaction and usability on all the different hardware.

Windows 10

The all new tailored experience with the quick and fluid response will be achieved after installing the Windows 10 when you will switch from your current OS. Microsoft has even made the changes on the Windows 10 intentionally as they wanted to make the OS feels like the Windows 8 and wanted to give the same usability of Windows 7.

The all new start menu will give you new look and at the same time give you the same functionality that you missed on the Windows 8 and 8.1 OS. The taskbar has also been custom designed so that it can show you the new task view which makes it easy to have a look at the running apps at a kind of virtual desktop. The Command Prompt has been improved from before and now it does gives you the keyboard shortcut to use while operating the Command Prompt for copy and paste.

Windows 10 also adjusts its UI according to the mode it is set at. For example, if you are using the touchscreen on the Windows 10 tablet or you are using a keyboard and mouse to operate the user interface, it will change the mode of UI automatically and auto adjust for the usage. There is not much of the information of the Windows 10 UI which is actually passed from the Windows 8 but still you can download technical preview to use the new Windows 10 OS and help the developers to improve the functionality.

Microsoft has still many things to unveil which is not yet unfold and it is possible that soon the company will announce the official release for the Windows 10 OS and it could happen next year in 2015. We are soon going to come up with Windows 10 Installation Guides and Tips, so stay tuned with us to know more about this revolutionary Operating System.

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