Space-Saving Solutions That Will Make Your Small Home a Better Place To Live In

Several people are now going for tiny homes because of the lucrative land prices that seem to increase each year. While there are several advantages to living in a small and compact place, there are also quite a few drawbacks. Perhaps the main disadvantage of a small home is the limited number of things that you can fit in it. Rest assured that the space-saving solutions listed below will provide you with the opportunity to have everything you need in your home without feeling cramped.


One of the primary things that you can do to save space in your small home is to declutter and organize all your things. This entails the need for you to segregate your things into three categories, namely the ones that you need to keep, the ones that you can sell or give away to your family and friends, as well as the things that need to be thrown away. For the things that you need to keep, you need to decide whether to keep these stuff inside your home or it is more appropriate to rent a locker to store them there. In the case of a locker rental, you need to decide whether you will go for a short-term or a long-term storage solution. Nevertheless, according to Quick Self Storage, it is still of utmost importance that you prioritize the safety and security of your belongings regardless of whether you are choosing long-term or short-term storage solutions.

In this case, it is best to consider those already implementing state-of-the-art technology such as smart access to units with a keyless entry. As soon as you have properly categorized your things, you will have a better idea of the remaining stuff that you need to organize, as well as the amount of space that you need to allocate.


Storage in Stairs

If there is unused space in the stairs found in your small home, then the best way to maximize the space that you have is to convert your stairs into a storage solution. For instance, you can incorporate drawers underneath each of the steps in your stairs that you can use to store your footwear. There is also the option for you to convert the area below your stairs into a storage compartment or convert the wall beside your staircase as a bookshelf.

Multi-purpose Sofa

Another space saver is a sofa that can be used as a bunk bed when necessary. Even furniture is now innovative, which means that you are most likely to find a sofa that is perfect for sitting on during the morning but comfortable to lie on at night because it can be converted into a bed or even a bunk bed. You can even get a color that perfectly fits the theme of your interior decor. You can check this guide on Sleepmattress.

For some people, instead of a sofa bed, they go for a sofa that can be converted into a set of dining table and chairs that they can use to accommodate their guests or simply to eat together. More often than not, these types of convertible sofas have four to six seating capacity when converted into a dining set.

Apart from a sofa, though, there is still another multi-purpose furniture that you can use to maximize the use of the space in your small home.


Wall Bed

Aside from a sofa bed, you can also have a wall bed customized to fit your space. In this case, you simply need to push the bed up using a pneumatic button until it stands upright, seamlessly blending in your wall during the morning. From there, you can use the space that your bed takes up at night to perform other things, such as setting up a table as a home office space or using the area to work out. You just need to use the same button to get the bed down, ready for you to settle in for the night.

Foldable Chairs and Tables

There are also chairs and tables that you can easily fit on a shelf. Others even transform into a wall decor when not in use. Some tables and chairs can be converted into a centerpiece or a storage solution. You can even have a custom design depending on the space that you have. You can use foldable chairs and tables in your dining area, as well as in your coffee nook or living room.

Some people prefer to have some hollow tables and chairs custom made because they utilize the hollow space to store other things such as their books. On the other hand, some leverage the hollow space underneath their table as a game board for their children.

Aside from foldable chairs and tables, other sets are designed to be stackable, making it easy for you to store it away when not in use. In this case, you only need to push your table and chair set in one corner of your room, allowing you to have a spacious area that you can use for other purposes during the day or when you are not eating. All these are intended to maximize the space in your home when your tables and chairs are not being used.


Window Racks

Another great space-saving idea is to have your window blinds custom made to function as a rack that you can use to hang towels or rags whenever necessary. If your window is directly hit by the rays of the sun, then this is one of the most viable and sustainable ways for you to dry your clothes indoors, even without the use of a dryer. Otherwise, you can also use the rack to temporarily hang other things.

There are several advantages to living in a small home, even if the space for what you can own is somehow limited. Fortunately, there are several space-saving solutions that you can leverage to ensure that you still have everything you need while still having ample room in your small home. More often than not, these space savers are so easy to implement that you will get it done in no time.

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