How to Add Instant Glamour to Your Living Room – 2024 Guide

All of us sometimes take a look at our living room and think of ways how we can spice it up. If you would describe it by saying it is normal or plain you should consider making it more interesting. A common mistake is to think that decoration takes a lot of time and money when, in reality, all it takes is patience and creativity. If you want to make it more impressive and glamorous, but you don’t exactly know how you should take a look at these tips.

Choose The Right Color Palette

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The first step in decorating a room is choosing the right color scheme. Mixing unmixable colors can break the whole atmosphere and make it look chaotic. Having a neutral color as a base and then adding colorful detail is certainly the way to go if you want to feel calm and comfortable in your living space.

You should pick the wall colors. If you want to go with simplicity, the safest option is to go with classic white or cream. However, if you are feeling bold, you could paint one or two walls black or gray. That would make an interesting contrast, and it represents a good base for the later detail. Also, it would add to the sophistication. Secondly, focus on the furniture and decoration. Metallic colors like gold or silver will add richness and fancy up space.

Focus On The Detail

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The detail is what makes or breaks the whole design. First of all, when choosing furniture, the best way to go is by combining comfort and uniqueness. When glamming up the room, the first thing you should invest in is the cushions. Don’t limit yourself to the classic approach of just adding sofa or chair cushions. Designers at made a point of showing the benefits of colorful floor cushions, which, among other things, allow you to have more sitting space. If you want to accentuate the room, find the longest curtains you can find and put them up as high as you can. It would make your ceiling look higher and the fabric will pile up on the floor, giving the whole room the feeling of luxury.

To top it all off, you could add some plush rugs and make it extra comfy. And, why not, you could also buy some flowers and couple them with the vase of your choosing. Flowers and plants are always a good way to go.

Combine Fabrics And Patterns

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People are usually afraid of experimenting, but in this case, you should definitely try to loosen up. Going with the same fabrics and patterns can be plain boring. If you want that extra something in your living space, for starters, try combining multiple different fabrics. And you have a lot to choose from. Let yourself be playful and try mixing up the materials like lace, sequins, ruffles, faux fur, or timeless velvet. Additionally, if you want to focus on the luxurious look, by adding a piece of furniture with a marble pattern you can achieve just that. If you want to make that additional step, you should drop your prejudice about decoration with animal print and accentuate your space with a piece or two.

Show It Off With Proper Lighting

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The most important part of any space is the lighting. Besides the practicality of it, it is what adds character to the room. If you are looking for glamour, you should invest in a good chandelier. Whether you go with classic crystal or some of the more modern versions, it will surely add sophistication. If you like having more options, try finding some vintage floor or table lights. It is recommended to always go with warmer lighting sources, as they make the room more inviting. Their placement is for you to choose. You could arrange them to be symmetrical or adjust them near your reading space.

Mirrors Add Depth

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If you look at those old glamorous rooms, they always have multiple mirrors. That is because mirrors make the room look bigger and add depth to the rest of the decoration. It is also a good idea to look into the mirrored furniture, for example, coffee tables and cupboards. Between plain and ornate, always choose the second. Those with the ornate framing can look like the art on their own. One of the more interesting ideas is having a wall with framed mirrors of different sizes and shapes. It gives the living room a look of lavishness and creativity. Besides all of that, who doesn’t like to look at their reflection from time to time?

Finish It Off With A Scent

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The scent is not a necessity, but it gives the whole experience another dimension. There is a whole variety of scented candles and sticks to choose from. Basking your living room in your favorite smell will bring your mood up each time you pass through it. It will also improve the sense of cleanliness. Also, candle containers or, if you want to go all-in, even vintage candelabras can serve as a lavish decor on their own. In addition to that, candlelight will give your room a romantic and mysterious feel.

Don’t Overdo It

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As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. Nowadays, minimalism is a modern sign of luxury. However, it all depends on your preference. Even if you want to reach it, you don’t have to give up on ornamentation. You can find many different ways to incorporate your style with the theme that you picked for your living space. All it takes is patience to find all the right stuff. Although, you should always take a second look, as overdoing it can cause the opposite effect of what you strive for and make the whole thing look tasteless.

For most of us, our living room is our safe place. It is where we wind down after a long day or spend time with our friends and family. Adding a bit of spice to it is proven to give us more confidence and energy. Also, who doesn’t want a bit of glamour in their life? Decorating is always an inspiring process, so make sure to set up your goals and embark on a journey to make your space just a little bit fancier.

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