Facebook and WhatsApp acquisition deal completed at $22 billion

WhatsApp Facebook

The Whatsapp acquisition has been completed from Facebook at the mind blowing $22 Billion. The acquisition deal was set at $19 Billion in February as there is an increase in the Facebook’s stock in some months.

The approval has been received to Facebook from the European Commission this Saturday that the acquisition can walk again which was being halted. Some of the European telecommunication companies were not in favor of this acquisition. As Facebook has completely acquired the Whatsapp, the CEO of the Social App, Jan Koum has joined the Board of Directors of Facebook. Whatsaap is the fastest growing social app that has been used by 600 million people in the developing countries like the India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico.

The Whatsapp acquiring deal was final at $4 billion cash and $12 billion in Facebook shares which is used to buy the App and the rest of the $3 billion which can be said as extra restricted stock units was kept for the employees and founders which were vested for four years. The SEC Filing made the final price which turned out as $4.59 billion will be in cash and the $177.7 million shares worth of Class A common Facebook stock and also with the $45.9 million will be the restricted stock units for the Whatsapp employees which gives us the total price value of about $22 billion.

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