7 Benefits of Lawn Grass Installation and Sod Installation

Does your lawn look discolored and patchy? How much time do you spend watering the grass daily? Probably a lot. Due to the large amount of time and energy wasted on lawn care, many homeowners opt for sod installation.

Turf is a kind of natural carpet consisting of grass and soil, connected by roots. It takes hours to install, not months to grow. Sod requires less irrigation, prevents soil erosion, and reduces heat. There is a variety of sod installation and lawn care services, such as Mrlawn.ca grass installation, specializing in artificial lawns and turfs.

These are the main reasons to choose sod installation.

1. Instant results

Sod installation has become surprisingly popular among homeowners due to the immediate results it provides. When compared to traditional lawns, sod doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to be installed. Conversely, real grass requires a minimum of eighteen months to entirely cover the ground, leaving your yard patchy in the meantime.

In addition, sod installation can be performed in the course of all seasons, provided the ground isn’t frozen. Consequently, homeowners can have artificial grass installed in all seasons except for winter.

Real grass is ideally sawn between late summer and mid-autumn because of the warmth and dampness of the soil. Also, homeowners can plant it in mid-spring but the ground won’t be as damp. As a result, one has to provide plenty of water for the grass to grow optimally.

2. Much less irrigation

Turf is less demanding than real grass as far as irrigation is concerned. Traditional lawns require frequent watering, as many as four times a day. Regular irrigation is crucial for the ground not to dry out, particularly in the course of summer.

In contrast, the sod requires watering only for a period of two weeks until turf is entirely established. Even during this short timeframe, artificial grass should be watered solely twice daily, which reduces the time and effort a person spends taking care of the lawn. Additionally, this alternative is considered more budget-friendly than caring for a real lawn because of the lower amounts of water used in the watering process.

3. Avoiding soil erosion

Another incredible benefit of sod installation is avoiding soil erosion. The process of erosion refers to the degradation of the upper layer of soil, triggered by wind, ice, snow, and other weather conditions. Traditional lawns always become muddy when the weather is rainy, leaving no option to homeowners but to carry mud inside the house.

Turf, on the other hand, provides soil protection. Given sod is already grown when installed in one’s yard, there’s no chance for the ground to become muddy when it rains. This makes sod especially suitable for regions where rainy weather is common. There are no grass seeds to rest on the upper layer of soil, prone to the effect of the wind.

Source: Artificial Grass | NeoGrass

4. Reduced heat

Sod has an incredible capacity to absorb heat, which is crucial for residents of hot regions. Homeowners installing sod in their yards are likely to experience a drop of more than ten degrees compared to those whose houses are surrounded by bare soil or concrete. Consequently, you can relax in your garden on a boiling summer day without feeling dizzy from sun exposure.

Apart from heat reduction, turf has a reducing effect on greenhouse gasses. It’s believed to absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, which even further contributes to air cooling. Turf not only absorbs carbon dioxide but peroxyacetyl nitrates and hydrogen fluoride as well. It prevents these harmful agents from reaching the air individuals breathe.

5. Low maintenance

As mentioned previously, turf isn’t as demanding as real grass regarding maintenance. Prior to the installation process, the soil needs to be prepared by ensuring it has all the necessary nutrients, such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, Sulphur, and calcium. Naturally, there should be no contaminants or toxins in its content.

In the first days following the installation, turf is supposed to be supplied with water in order for the roots to get attached to the soil. Following this process, the frequency of watering is significantly reduced. You’ll only have to refrain from walking on the turf during the first couple of days so as to impede problems with root development.

Furthermore, one is supposed to pay close attention to the potential effect of fungi and insects on the turf. Upon noticing a yellow lawn, homeowners are advised to use an organic fungicide to eliminate the issue. Considering the damage insects are likely to cause to the turf, artificial lawns should be regularly inspected for insect problems.

Source: Derbyshire Artificial Lawns

6. Better safety

Another reason why a large number of homeowners prefer sod installation over real grass is the safety it provides for children and pets. Nowadays, numerous brands specializing in turf installation offer an antibacterial option to homeowners, ensuring no spread of bacteria and germs. Consequently, parents would no longer fear the exposure of their kids to pesticides and other chemicals.

Moreover, children and pets can play for hours on the lawn without getting infected with germs or bringing mud into the house. The greatest thing about sod is its ability to remain lush without the use of any toxins. Not only household residents but also the environment isn’t harmed by chemicals.

7. The shade is no longer an issue

Everybody knows real grass requires direct sunlight to grow but this isn’t the case with turf. Sod is capable of maintaining its green color without being exposed to sunlight. Even if it’s provided with neither sunlight nor water, the turf will still look impeccable.

Source: Artificial Grass Liquidators

Final word

Why wait for months to have a green lawn when you can have it installed for a few hours?

Sod installation is the right decision to make!

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