How to access Windows 8 PC on your Android or iOS

Everybody thinks and wants to get remote access to their home or work Windows 8 or 8.1 computers from their portable devices. If you are among the one with this need, then here is a good news because Microsoft has recently announced their official Remote Desktop app. This app will make you enable to access your home or work computer remotely from your Android phone or tablet and also from iOS device as well. In below mentioned guide we will guide you how to set up Remote Desktop app.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App

  • Before starting make sure that you have Windows 8 Pro or 8.1 Pro version.
  • If you want to check the version of your Windows move your mouse to the left you will find Charms menu there.
  • Now in the bottom you will find “Settings”.
  • Then click on “PC Info” and then click on “Windows Edition” there you can see the version if it is not Pro then you need to purchase it for $99.
  • If it is Pro go ahead first we need to set up remote settings on the PC.
  • Now go in Charms menu and click on “search” then type “System” there.
  • Blue PC monitor will appear in front of you click on that.
  • A pop up window will come click on “Remote Setting” which is in the last.
  • Now go under “Remote Desktop” in “Remote” tab and click on “Allow remote connections to this computer”.
  • Below that click on “Apply” and close the window.
  • Now if your computer by default is goes to sleep or begins hibernating the remote desktop will no longer work.
  • To avoid above situation again go to Charms menu then click on search icon and write “Power Options”.
  • Now click on green battery icon now click on “Choose or customize a power plan” and check your plan which is your computer set to.
  • Now make sure you select “Never” under the “Plugged in” category which is in front of “Put the computer for sleep” title.
  • Great now your Remote Desktop will continue work if your display turns off as well your computer will not go to sleep.
  • Now you need your IP address if you don’t know follow the steps.
  • Go in the Charms menu and click on search then write “cmd” there.
  • Now Command prompt will open type “ipconfig” and hit enter then you will able to see your network adapter settings.
  • There you see your IP address in front of “IPv4” take a note of your IP address.
  • Now you need to set up component of remote desktop for this open a Play Store on your Android device and if you are using iPhone open the App store.
  • Download and install the “Microsoft remote Desktop” app for Android devices from here.
  • Now open the app and to add a new computer click on the plus sign which is located at the right side of the app.
  • Now give a name under “Connection name” whatever you want to call that PC and enter the IP address which you note it from command prompt.
  • Now you will get a “Gateway” option skip that and go to “Credential” section.
  • Then enter the email id and password of your Microsoft account which you use to login in your PC    and to save your setting click on checkmark on the top.

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