8 Factors To Consider When Buying Diamonds

For hundreds of years now, diamonds have mesmerized people, allured and instilled beautiful emotions in them. According to Greek Mythology, diamonds are believed to be God’s tears, whereas Roman Mythology describes them as parts of stars that have fallen from the sky.

The Egyptians started the culture of wearing engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand as they believed that a vein runs from that finger directly to the heart. You will find numerous stories and theories defining the worth of diamonds.

Say you wish to propose to the love of your love and you need to buy an engagement ring. However, things are going to get quite complicated if you have never purchased diamonds before.

Hallmark is considered a better means of testing gold, but there is no such concrete arrangement for precious metals like diamonds since, like the fingerprints of people, no two diamonds in the world are the same. Nature gives a unique identity to every diamond. Then how to identify whether the one you are buying is an authentic diamond or not? In this guide, we will talk about the factors that you need to consider before buying diamonds. Check out tingdiamond.com for more information.

Factor #1: Check For IGI Certification:

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The price of diamonds have surged by fifty percent in the last few years. Therefore, before investing in these metals, make sure that the jewelry has an IGI certification. IGI, i.e., International Gemological Institute, tests whether the diamond you are buying is authentic or not. The world’s famous diamond producers and jewelers get their diamonds certified from this certification organization.

In IGI, a diamond needs to go through 14 different types of tests, out of which four of them are based on carat, cut, color and clarity.

You need to be aware of the fact that there exist no reliable DIY tests to gauge the diamond’s authenticity. The best way to check its authenticity is by getting it checked by a gemologist or by checking its IGI certification.

Factor #2: The “4C” Theory:

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When buying a diamond, it is essential to pay attention to the below mentioned 4 things which are jointly called 4C.


Diamonds have a light yellowish color and they are almost colorless. A good diamond is one whose color is faded. In this sense, the best diamond is a colorless one. According to the color of these metals, they are awarded different grades.

These grades lie in between ‘D’ to ‘V.’ The best grade is considered ‘D,’ that is given to colorless diamonds.


There are three types of cut: Propositional, Shallow, and Deep. Propositional cut diamonds are considered to be the most expensive ones.

Diamonds generally come in many sizes. Some of these famous shapes are – Marquis, Princess, Pear, Heart, round brilliant and Oval. Round brilliantly shaped ones are regarded as one of the best quality diamonds.


A diamond’s price and quality depends on its clarity to a large extent. The clarity of a diamond is divided into four categories such as IF, which stands for internally flawless, VS which stands for Very Slightly Inclusive and VVS  which means Very Very Slightly Inclusive.

Most diamonds are of VVS quality. IF quality ones have no marks or defects, so they are very high in demand and costly.


The size of the diamond is called carat. One carat diamond weighs 0.2 grams, and a 5 carat diamond weighs 1 gram.

Factor #4: Ask For A Guarantee card

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After purchasing the diamond jewelry, ask for the purchase card and a guarantee card from the shopkeeper. However, the shopkeeper is not legally required to provide such a card with diamonds but some well-known jewelers give a guarantee card on their behalf. You can find the 4C detail of the diamond mentioned in this card. Based on this, customers can get an idea of every aspect of the jewelry they are purchasing.

When purchasing diamond jewelry, the inclusion of a guarantee card can significantly enhance buyer confidence. Esteemed jewelers, including different online retailers, often provide these cards, although they’re not mandated by law. A review Brilliant Earth provides and its approach reveals that their guarantee cards are particularly informative. These cards typically detail the 4C’s of the diamond – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – offering buyers a transparent view of their investment.

Factor #5: Expert Opinion

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Before making the purchase, make sure to get an expert opinion. Show the diamond to a renowned gemologist. With an expert opinion, you can rest assured that you are buying the best diamond that falls within your budget.  You will also feel more confident in the diamonds you are buying.

Factor #6: Exchange Policy

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You can exchange your old diamonds to buy a new one. By doing so, a certain amount of money is waived off, and then you need to pay for the rest of the price. Back in the day, people hesitated a little while buying diamonds due to a lack of guarantee of resale value. However, today many jewelers promise a 100% buyback policy in the market. Look for one that offers an exchange and buyback policy.

Factor #7: Compare The Diamonds

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Now that you have selected two or more jewelries, compare them before buying one. Consider factors like which diamond appears more brilliant, which one has a lower price, and which one is more eye-clean. These factors will help you make an informed choice.

Also, you can choose not to buy mined diamonds. Instead, look for lab-made ones. Their popularity is growing exponentially, and while they have the same beauty as that of mined diamonds, lab-made ones cost you almost thirty percent less than the mined ones. However, if budget is not a constraint then you can choose to ignore these factors.

Factor #8: Do Proper Research Before Buying

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Do not be an impulsive buyer. Always make sure to do proper research before making a purchase. Compare the price of the same jewelry on different sites and shops and then go ahead with an option that not looks appealing to you but also fits your budget.

Final Word

Diamonds are quite costly and thus before investing your hard earned money into buying them, make sure to do proper research.  Also, make sure to consider the 4C’s before making the purchase. We hope that by now, you are aware of the factors that you need to consider before buying your next diamond jewelry.

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