How to sync iTunes library to Android SMartphone or Tablet

I believe everyone likes Apple product, and if not, even though i must say iTunes is a has bring the revolution in the way of listening the music. Now a days Apple device’s major selling point is their ability of syncing with iTunes. Now if you have Android device so the question is that can you sync your music from iTunes? Yes there are many ways where you can sync your iTunes music with your Android devices. In the below mentioned guide we will discuss about 2 method how to sync your music from your iTunes library to your Android device.

Google Play Music manager.

Google Play Music

1. On your Android device download and install the Google Play Music and on your Mac or PC download and install Google Play Music manager.
2. Now open the Music manager which is there on the desktop and click on “upload” tab.
3. Then sync your iTunes music to your Google Play Music account.
4. You can sync it in 2 ways which are you can sync your entire iTunes library and can also select playlists which you want to sync.
5. Google Play Music library has allowed user to sync 20,000 songs for free and don’t worry if you are syncing it it will download that music in your Android device.
6. Now select “All Music” tab by opening Google Play Music app which is located in the drop down menu at the top.
7. If you want to sync entire playlist then you can need to select “My Library” or “Playlists” from the side pane menu.
8. Here you can see all the music which is uploaded to your Google Play Music Library.
9. The people who are using unlimited data or wanted to listen to music when they are near WiFi they can also stream music from online Play Music library.

Double Twist

1. Download and install DoubleTwist on your Android device and on your computer.
2. Now with the help of USB storage or Media Device connect your Android device to your computer.
3. Now open DoubleTwist on your computer and in the left hand pane you will able to find your device.
4. Now in the side pane drag and drop music from the “library” to your device.
5. You can choose between 2 options whether you can sync it automatically or manually.

That’s it. You can sync whatever songs you want to and choose any 1 method which you thing is comfortable. Play Music Manager automatically sync any song from iTunes library. So i believe Google Play Music is a good option to go.

Double Twist is also a good app and has a feature of automatically sync music but for that you need to connect your computer first to do it. At the other hand Play Music is wireless and runs in the background. PlayMusic also sync album art and song metadata perfectly.

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