Gas Fireplace Vs. Wood Fireplace: Which One Is Suitable for You?

It may not be wintertime yet, but you have heating options on your mind. You keep remembering last winter when all you could think about was how nice it would be if only you had a fireplace to get cozy in front of and enjoy another winter’s night in relative peace.

It is now time to bring that dream to life, and there are some decisions to be made before you can begin. First and foremost, which fireplace should you choose? Would gas be better than wood, or vice versa? Let us take a look at each.

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces have been steadily growing in popularity since someone thought to take advantage of natural gas lines that run directly into the home and use them not just for connection to the stove for cooking but as an energy source for a fireplace. The main advantages of a gas fireplace are:

Source: Raymond’s Designs and Fireplace Guide

1. Diversity of Design

Gas fireplace design has taken on a whole new dimension. People are now more comfortable venturing past the more conventional and traditional wood fireplace look-alike to incorporate designs better that better fit their overall interior aesthetic. Gas fireplaces lend themselves very well both to simple, clean design styles and more out-of-the-box options.

2. Cost

Running a gas fireplace is far cheaper than the type that uses wood. The overall cost one would incur for gas, compared to wood, over time remains steadily lower. Everyone looks for options, in which they can save a lot of money. There is no better option than a gas fireplace if you want cozy indoors for less money. 

3. Air Quality

While both wood and gas fireplaces use chimneys for venting, gas fireplaces have a more efficient burn. This means that one does not have to worry about the possibility of smoke getting into the room, hence less pollution. If the air quality is good, then there are fewer chances of getting breathing problems. 

Source: Safe Home Fireplace

4. Maintenance

Gas fireplaces are easier to maintain than wood fireplaces. Burning wood produces a by-product called creosote, which can build up in the chimney, creating a fire hazard. It is why wood fireplaces require more cleaning at regular intervals.

5. Easy Installation

The process of installation of the gas pipeline with complete accessories is an easy task. There is no need to construct complex things and spend many days on the proper installation of wood. After installing, you can ignite the fire within seconds.  

6. Availability in Different Styles

Getting a fireplace is more like decorating your home décor. It is better to go for the modern style instead of the classic one. There are plenty of styles available in the gas fireplace, and you can choose any style that matches your décor. You can spend money as per your needs. 

Source: Safe Home Fireplace

7. Easy to Light

If you want instant coziness, then it is the best option you should consider. After opening the gas knob, you can immediately induce fire and get warm indoors. You do not have to wait long, like in the case of the wood fireplace. In case of emergency, it works well.

Wood Fireplaces

It is the original model. Wood fireplaces have been in use in homes for a very long time. They became the standard in Tudor times when chimneys were invented, and people could now have fires in rooms all over the home, rather than being confined to the kitchen. They do have some pros over gas fireplaces. For instance:

1. Utilities

Having wood fireplaces releases you from the need to connect to centrally provided utilities. It comes in very handy in more remote areas where utility infrastructure is not as connected as in the more populated areas.

Source: Osburn

2. Capacity for Heating

Wood fireplaces can provide heat in spaces much larger than what gas fireplaces can feasibly handle. You can scale your wood fireplace size to the size of the room it is to go in.

A large room with lots of open space is challenging to heat effectively and to a point where every corner gains some warmth. Wood fireplaces make it easier to do so and in a more uniform manner as well.

3. More Smoke

When you burn wood, it releases smoke and hence, it degrades the air quality. Even if you have a good chimney, the smoke will move indoors and can cause breathing issues.

With time, it is necessary to clean the chimney to prevent any blockage. Due to the excess deposit of smoke on walls, it can create harmful gases which can affect the people living inside the house.

4. Comforting Smell

If we compare the smell after igniting the fire, you will get a pleasant and comforting smell. You can stay in front of the fire for a long time and do whatever you want.

Some people cannot bear the weird smell of gas as it can be suffocating and pungent. When you burn wood outdoors, then also, you can feel the coziness and warmth of a fire.

Source: Kozy Heat Fireplaces

5. Complex Installation

The installation process is quite challenging in the case of the wood fireplace. You need to call an expert and give enough time for installing. If anything goes wrong, you cannot do it by yourself. Everyone wants to keep things perfect, and it is possible only when you call professionals.

6. Traditional

The wooden one is the traditional fireplace, and you may find it in many old houses. People who are renovating their houses are going for the modern styles.

If you want to keep your house traditional, then it is the perfect option for you. The old home décor will match the fireplace, and hence, you can traditionally enjoy the coziness.

7. Take Time to Light Wood

If you are in hurry and you want to lighten the wood quickly, it is not possible. The igniting will take time, and you must have enough patience to deal with it. If you have entered your house in extreme cold, you have to wait for more minutes before you start igniting the wood.

Source: The New York Times

Final Thoughts

As you give some careful thought about what you feel would suit you better, do not hesitate to consult with a local expert on the installation of gas or wood fireplaces. Here’s to you enjoying a warmer and cozier home for many winters and cold weather days to come.

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