Digital Marketing And Its Methods Change

Regardless of what your field or industry is, one of the best ways to grow your business or brand is through marketing. Back in the days, all you had to do is put an ad in the local paper or, if you were a larger scale business – film a commercial. However, nowadays, only a handful of people read the papers and television has become replaced with streaming services and YouTube. That means that traditional marketing had to evolve, too.

The thing is, the world of digital marketing is evolving at a much faster pace than the traditional ever did. However, if you know where to look at – it’s not that hard to keep up with those changes. Here – we’ll give you a few examples.

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Digital Marketing In Social Media

Social media may have started as something to help pass the time, get in touch with our friends, or post pictures of our pets and lunches, but with time, it evolved into a giant part of our everyday lives. Nowadays, pretty much everyone is on social media. Your grandma probably has it. With an audience so large, it’s easy to see how social media would be an ideal place for marketing, and that’s exactly what it is.

If you were to take a look at 2010, for instance, all you had to do is have a website and a Facebook page, and you were ready to conquer the world. Everyone was on Facebook – from teenagers to the elderly. The audience was so versatile you didn’t have to worry about anything – you just needed a page.

Fast forward to today, 2024, and things aren’t the same anymore. You can’t just create a page on Facebook and be done with it. Things have changed. A large portion of the regular Facebook users, today, are over the age of 65. So, if you’re looking to market your business on Facebook, we sure hope you don’t plan on selling your products to young adults – as you won’t reach them there.

You see, the most important thing about marketing is reaching your target audience. To do that, it’s no longer enough to run paid ads with a targeted demographic set to a certain age, because, the people simply aren’t there. If you want to reach younger generations, you may want to steer clear of Facebook and start thinking about Instagram or TikTok – as that’s where all the cool kids are.

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Marketing Your Product

The way you show off your products has also changed throughout the years. Back in the day, a couple of lines of text paired with a low-quality image of the products was more than enough. Try that in this day and age and we guarantee you won’t sell a thing. Nowadays, people want to know what they’re buying and they want to recreate the experience of going to the store and touching the product with their own hands, without having to actually do that.

That puts businesses and advertisers in a bit of a bit. How can you recreate that experience? Since we’re still not in the VR/AR era, we have to use a different approach.

As of lately, videos and 360° photos have become extremely popular. Video, or a moving picture of any kind, simply beats the still image in so many ways. People can interact with video or a 360° image, see the product from all angles and turn it around as they would if they were actually holding the product. Additionally, according to, people are twice as more likely to engage with your brand or your product if you use video or 360° images to showcase your products, instead of the regular, still images.

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AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in digital marketing and you’re about to see why.

Customer Service

Customer service has always been an important aspect of marketing. It shows how much you care about your customers and how willing you are to be at their service at all times. Now, you can’t employ tens or even hundreds of people to just sit around, answer calls and emails 24 hours a day. Simply not possible.

However, AI does not require anything that a person would. They don’t eat or sleep, they don’t require breaks and they’re much more cost-efficient. We’re talking about chatbots, of course. Chatbots made their big splash a few years ago, where they took over the online stores. However, they could only do so much before they had to transfer you to a real person. Today, that’s no longer the case. Constant progress is being made in the field of artificial intelligence and chatbots are becoming more advanced by the day. That’s why they’re one of the most popular tools in the digital marketing world today.

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AI Automated Advertising

As AI develops, it becomes more and more useful in the world of digital marketing. Automated advertising will be the next big thing in digital marketing. By using AI, you’ll be able to collect better and more precise data on your audience and based on that, AI will make the best possible decision on how to market your business.

The general idea behind it is to build on the usual formula based on the keyword, time of day and location. The AI would collect all kinds of different data to individualize the advertisement as much as possible. It would take into account the online daily habits and lifestyle of your potential customers and so much more.

It would be a step up from the programmatic advertising (which is also based on artificial intelligence) that some businesses use today. If you haven’t heard about programmatic advertising, it’s basically a form of automated ad buying, where the AI determines if you should bid for an ad spot, depending on who is visiting the site at the moment.

At this point, it’s certain that it’s only a matter of time before AI takes over the world of digital marketing – one way or another. We can only wait and see what’s going to happen.

As you can tell, the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving and has been through some major changes already. What’s around the corner, we can only guess. However, we can’t wait to see it.

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