5 Tips for Beginners on Growing Marijuana Seeds

Instead of spending your hard earned money in dispensaries purchasing cannabis products, many people all around the world are growing their own marijuana plants from home. Although it can prove to be a challenging process, growing pot can also be good fun.

Although the thought of growing pot might seem complex, sometimes it’s best not to overcomplicate the process. A lot of growing good weed successfully is down to trial and error. Honestly, anybody can grow marijuana, it’s growing good marijuana that is the challenging part.

Before we had access to the internet, finding out information about growing proved difficult. Secrets and tips about how to grow top quality marijuana were not readily available. Luckily enough, things have changed due to modern technology. Not only are there plenty of sites packed with content helping you to grow cannabis, but there are also many online grow stores like amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com who are selling everything you need to grow high quality pot including weed seeds, grow lights, tents, etc.

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1. Figure out the Cycle of Growth

One of the most vital parts of growing cannabis is knowing exactly what type of plant you are growing. Understanding both the plant, the biology of the plant, and the growth cycle is important. By knowing all this information, you will understand what the marijuana plant needs at each stage of the process. The other critical part about understanding the plant is that if something goes wrong, you will notice.

While some strains are different from others, here is the gist of the process:

  1. The journey starts with a cannabis seed
  2. After, the seed evolves into a seedling
  3. The marijuana plant then goes to the vegetative stage
  4. The next phase is the pre-flowering stage (This is the stage where you will be able to notice the sex of the plant)
  5. The Flowering stage
  6. The final stage, harvesting

Although it sounds straightforward, there are a lot more details worth checking out, however, this is basically how the process happens.

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2. Using the Correct Soil

To grow top-of-the-range marijuana, choosing the right soil is very important. Although it might be tempting to buy a cheaper alternative by purchasing soil from your local garden store, it could be a big mistake that won’t help you get the best results. Here are a few of the aspects that growers should keep looking for in the soil they use:

  • Muddy and clayey
  • Does the soil contain sand?
  • Is the soil too tight or too loose
  • Is the soul strong enough to retain nutrients?

Growers that use good soil with their plants normally grow great looking cannabis buds. Many grow stores sell soil specifically for cannabis. Asking the employees for help at the grow store might be a good idea. Explain what strain you are using and the setup you have. The more details you provide them with the better chance they will be able to help you choose the right soil.

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3. Join Online Communities

There are several online marijuana growing communities out there. Plenty of growers, especially during the ongoing pandemic publish data, videos, and pictures of what went right and what went wrong for them when growing weed.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how helpful members of online communities can be. If something goes wrong during the growing process, the chances are it has happened to others in the past. By discussing your issues online, you are bound to find someone who has been through the same problems, and they might be able to help you find a solution. One of the best things about online communities is that they are free to join. Before we had access to all this technology, finding books on how to grow marijuana was not readily available and they often proved expensive. There is an abundance of information online nowadays that makes it easy to find data to help you grow.

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4. Avoid Purchasing a Starter Kit

Plenty of grow shops try to promote the idea of growing to newbies by advertising stater grow kit, also known as a ‘grow box’. These kits normally include a tent, a few plant pots, basic soil, and basic grow lights. Although it might seem like a smart and hassle free investment, most of the equipment included is not the best quality.

By doing a small bit of research, you can purchase each piece of the kit separately. Not only will you save money, but the chances are the equipment will be much better quality. These kits are nice to help you grow for the first time, but to get long-lasting equipment you are better off buying each part individually. Research each part online, and check out reviews from previous customers to see that you are getting value for money.

When you first start out growing, you might find the price of the equipment is very expensive, however, you will be able to use the same equipment again and again. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing grow equipment. If you invest well at the start you will avoid having to replace low quality gear.

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5. Should you Grow Outdoors or Indoors?

Not every location has the right climate to successfully grow good marijuana outdoors. Over the past decade or so, it seems like most growers have opted to grow indoors, as they feel they can control the weed better. When they grow indoors, they are in control of the environment of the room which helps reduce the chances of the risk of insects or pests destroying their plants.

If you decide to grow outdoors, the marijuana will grow with the seasonal cycle. You have to be extra vigilant of pests. Remember that not everybody is pro-marijuana and often neighbors are not too pleased when they see a few cannabis plants growing in your garden. Storms, strong winds, snowfall, and excess rain can all destroy your plants when growing outdoors.

An alternative that many people enjoy doing and often have great success is by growing cannabis plants in a greenhouse. This is a mixture between both indoors and outdoors.

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