Want To Grow Your Own Cannabis? Here’s What To Prepare

Did you know that 147 million people worldwide consume cannabis? This makes cannabis the most extensively cultivated substance. Additionally, you’ll find that in some parts of the world, smoking cannabis is legal. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is if you are in such regions. Nevertheless, having your own cannabis growing in the backyard could help in ensuring that the cannabis you’re consuming is of the best quality.

Whether you want to grow cannabis as a hobby, commercially, or for medicinal purposes, then you are in the right place. The thing is, you don’t want to hop into it half-cocked. You’ll need to gather all the information that you can get. For this and more, here’s what you need to know and prepare when growing your cannabis.

Preparations and requirements

To have the perfect weed garden, its paramount that you take stock of all the requirements. Like any other plant, cannabis plants have needs that need to be met to thrive. Some cannabis strains are actually more demanding when compared to others. That said, here’s what you need:

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1. Grow Light

If you want to harvest some juicy buds, then proper and adequate light should be of high priority. Invest in some quality grow lights, especially if you are planning on becoming an indoor farmer. Choosing the best grow lights can be a mammoth task without any technical know-how. To help narrow down your search, you can check this site for the LED grow lights that’ll give you the high-quality yields you want. Depending on the size of your farm, you’ll need to look for affordable and efficient grow lights ideal for the best conditions for photosynthesis.

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2. Seeds or Clones

The right source plants can mean the difference between a bountiful yield and a ‘single-puff’ harvest. For inexperienced farmers, growing cannabis from seeds can be a daunting task, and, if not done expertly, you might get disappointed in the long run. There are many moving parts in selecting the right seeds, but you can always reach out to the experts for more info.

You also have the option of planting duplicate plants from healthy mother plants for quicker growth and to avoid the numerous technicalities of seedling acquisition. Let’s take a look at the types of cannabis strains. They include:

  • Royal Gorilla – This strain has a THC content of about 27%, and the quality of the buds is to die for.
  • White Widow – This is a hybrid strain that was first introduced in the Netherlands and boasts superior quality buds. It has a THC content of 19%.
  • Critical – For new weed farmers looking for a cannabis strain that’s relatively easy to grow and with great harvest, look no further. This strain has a THC of 18% and will start to bud in the 7th week.

These, to mention but a few, are among the best cannabis strains that are not only easy to grow but will give you excellent yields.

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3. Location

You must choose a splendid location away from prying eyes, thieves, and the occasional nosy neighbor that always knocks on your door at the wrong time. You don’t have to convert your whole house into a cannabis farm. You also don’t want your weed farm to be the first thing your visitors see. Instead, you can convert your storage room, closet, or a part of your basement for your privacy, convenience, attention, and ease of management.

But before you consider an indoor environment for your cannabis, you’ll need to factor in the strain’s maximum length of growth. This is because, and as it turns out, some cannabis strains grow extremely tall. For instance, the cannabis strain Critical grows into a maximum height of about 140cm when grown indoors and 220cm when grown outdoors. These are aspects that will determine the space where you intend to grow your cannabis.

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Climate control

An indoor farm doesn’t get the advantages an outdoor natural environment offers. Therefore, the need to create an ideal indoor climate that’s best for your plants. In this area, be sure to consider;

  • Air – Choosing a space with an uninterrupted supply of air and Carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for photosynthesis in all the stages of growth. You can invest in an affordable air filtration system or DIY by employing an exhaust fan on the top-end of the room to remove the warm air and an air vent on the opposite bottom part of the room to allow entry of cool air.
  • Temperature – The ideal temperature for optimal growth is 20-30°c, with the lights on and 15-20°C with the lights off. Additionally, LEDs tend to produce a substantial amount of heat. Therefore, fixing a ceiling fan can help with the cooling as well as helping your plants have strong stems. The ceiling fan will also come in handy to ward off any flying pests.
  • Humidity – High levels of moisture will cause your plants to dry. On the other hand, low humidity results in broader leaved plants to allow for respiration. It’s for these reasons that an ideal level of humidity is crucial in producing just the right quality of weed. Also, at different stages of growth, cannabis plants require different levels of humidity and temperatures.

These climatic conditions can be tricky to control and monitor. Lucky for you, you can invest in an automatic climate control system that will allow easy monitoring and climate control.

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Growth Media

When it comes to indoor farming, you have two growth media options in which you can grow your cannabis. These include:

  • Soilless/Hydroponics – This option is best for a bountiful harvest, minus the soil management hustle. It involves growing cannabis in different media other than soil to ensure a quicker intake of nutrients. It’s easier to monitor water pH levels (5.5-6) and the entire plant, including the roots. Use some basic DIY skills and make a soilless media using a bucket and choose between stone wool, perlite, sawdust, or coconut fiber, just to mention a few.
  • Soil – This option has its perks, minimal plant care, a good harvest, and a quality ratio of nutrients. But you must be prepared to get your hands dirty. It’s easy to set up as you can have a simple set up of soil in a bucket or polythene bags. You can also buy soil that’s pre-packed and explicitly conditioned for growing cannabis and including the right pH of 6-7.
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Macronutrients and Water

Macronutrients are essential and give more oomph to your weed to make it juicier. The mixing ratios are usually on the labels, so you don’t have to worry about getting wrong with the measurements. The most critical macronutrients include:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Calcium
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Growing cannabis doesn’t have to be a costly venture when you are adequately prepared. In the event you make an unintentional mistake, don’t give up; that’s how you get it right the next time. It’s ‘high’ you got started on your cannabis farm.

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