Apple to bring back camera roll with iOS 8.1 update

Apple announced that they will bring back Camera roll with iOS 8.1 update. While OS X Yosemite is available to download for free on the mac app store, iOS 8.1 will be rolled out on October 20th. Along with Camera roll iOS 8.1 will also have Apple pay support and other photo library enhancements.

Many customers were not happy after the loss of “beloved camera roll” in the photos app of iOS 8. This was rolled out last month. Considering this in mind, Apple is bringing back Camera roll with iOS 8.1 update.

Apple camera roll

On Oct 16th at the Apple event in Cupertino California Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi said,” we will bring back the beloved camera roll.”

iOS 8 was rolled out last month and according to apple nearly 48% of users have already installed it on their iOS devices. Camera Roll in the photos app of the iOS 8 was replaced by a new folder called “Recently Added”. The camera roll folder used to hold photos clicked by device and we could also save photos downloaded from safari and other apps. This new “Recently Added” functions in the same way but it also hold every photo deleted or taken by the user in last 30 days. Which means user can’t really delete the photos which they don’t like anymore. The Camera Roll folder allows user to delete and separate their photos just the way they want.

iOS 8.1 will come equipped with added support for Apple Pay and iCloud photo library. The iCloud photo library will hold not only photos but videos as well.

The iCloud photo library will be made available as public beta with iOS 8.1. It gives you access to your photos on all of your devices including windows PC via, you can edit photos and videos and the changes will appear across the devices, almost instantly. The iCloud photo library will use your iCloud storage space. Initial 5GB is free. The cost of another 20 GB of storage is 99 cents and it will cost you $3.99 for 200 GB. Higher tiers, up to 1 TB can be purchased.

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