Microsoft to launch Wearable ‘smartwatch’ very soon

According to a report by Forbes, Microsoft is about to make its debut with the so trendy Smart Watch generation. Microsoft is about to launch a new smart watch and according to the report, smart watch by Microsoft will feature a heart rate monitor along with the health tracking feature. This watch will focus on the mainstream line of OS’s like the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS and the battery can last for about more than 2 days when used regularly. The smart watch by the company will be coming by the end of this year.

Microsoft Smartwatch

Microsoft has been buying the components from the suppliers back in 2013 to build a touch enabled smart watch. Few of the reports came earlier that suggested the watch from Microsoft will resemble the Samsung’s Gear Fit. The company once have dealt in the sector of Smart Personal Objects Technology which created a lot of hype in the market and the company also spent a lot of money by collaborating with the watch making companies like the Swatch, Fossil and Suunto that costs about $800, Microsoft do back off a bit from this project in 2008.

In some recent years, the technology has picked a pace and we have come so forth that we are trying to put the technology on our wrist. It was a time when we have to deal with the long and heavier phones and now the watches are replacing the smartphone so that you don’t have to remove it out of your pants. Already there are competitors out there who have been in this sector of smart watches. There are watches with many different shapes and sizes. Some are square like the digital watches that were much famous back in 1970s. The companies like the Motorola and LG made their watches with keeping up with the current fashion and style segments.

Microsoft is focusing on the key element that is the Health and this area is already been covered by the other manufacturers. If we see the current state for the technology, Samsung Gear S was just announced and after that the Apple came up with their own Smart Watch. These new smart watches can track your daily activities, track your heart rate, shows you the calories burned and many more fitness activity can be tracked with these Smart Watches.

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