Microsoft Fitness Tracker ‘Microsoft Band’ now official at $199 with Health platform

It was very likely to hear that Microsoft will be revealing their first fitness band but we already got the leak. Coming straight to the point, there is a new app called as Microsoft Band Sync which was spotted in the Mac App store. Because of that app, it was quite confirmed about the new fitness band from Microsoft is going to be named as Microsoft Band.

The Microsoft Band has a horizontal display and resembles the Samsung Gear S. It could be real soon when the company will debut its first fitness band that too in upcoming couple of weeks. This band would be similar to those bands like the Nike Fuel band and unlike the Google’s Android Wear or Apple’s Watch. Although, Microsoft Band will have the features that relates to the other smart watches bu the main aim of this fitness band will be to focus on the fitness activities. The band will store its data over the cloud as it is confirmed by the Microsoft Band Sync app.


The Microsoft band has a display resolution of 310 x 102 pixels. This band could track the steps, count out the calories that are burned and also it can monitor the heart rate as company is been testing it to include this feature in their first Fitness band. Company has embedded many of the fitness tracking sensors on the band that helps it to track the fitness activity. There is a service known as Microsoft Health that will be holding all the data syncing part for the band. It will be storing as well as syncing the data from fitness band to the cloud.

Microsoft is trying hard to achieve the category with its new fitness band, as their main aim is to make the device compatible with almost all the other cross platforms that is out now. Microsoft Health compatibility will make the devices useful on all the devices and it will be strengthened by Microsoft. Microsoft Health has the Intelligence Engine that tracks the fitness activity that you carry every single second and keeps the track on all your activities that you do; like how much calories have you burned and how many steps you have reached today.

The company has some broader plans in terms of keeping up the fitness data and keeping it up to date, so that it would make you understand on things that are impacting your fitness activities. The Microsoft Health is an app that is available on Google Play Store making it compatible with Android users. This app gives you notification that is important to you. This app will keep track on the heart rates with 24 hours monitoring and sync these data with the band, also it would give you the calendar alerts as well as the email previews.


This band by Microsoft will also feature the voice integration that would allow users to talk to Cortana to set the alarm and set reminders with your voice. The band also supports great notification system that allows you stay updated with what’s actually up when you missed the timings. The notifications like the emails, messages, reminders, phone calls, calendar, stocks and weather updates and also it would give you the updates with your Facebook and Twitter messages.

Still there is lot to dig in the fitness band and we are out of information right now. It is still to be known on which operating system is the Microsoft Band running on. Some twitter users have found out that Starbucks Card support that gives you the idea that the band will pay your coffee bill right when you need it. Though it is never too late, Microsoft is all set to reveal their first first ever fitness band in the consumer market and they are all set to begin with. It would be no longer till the time for the world to see a fitness band by Microsoft.

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