10 Biggest Cryptocurrency Wallet Mistakes New Crypto Investors Make

Paper money is losing its relevance in our everyday activities. It is no wonder why more and more people are looking to invest in the digital finance world of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can make or break you. It is as simple as that. Initial investors who were the early users of cryptocurrencies, such as, Bitcoin, Etherum, made it to earn big profits in a very small span of time.

However, since the frequency of new people investing in exchanges is increasing, the chances of “making it” have not been easy. Many of these budding investors succumb to many misfortunes and tragedies owing to some of the faults and mistakes they make. Review this and learn more about Bitcoin Revolution and its credibility to make an informed decision in your digital finance career.

Nevertheless, here is a guide that will help you to not make these mistakes and launch your profile to one of the most fruitful investments ever.

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Mistakes New Crypto Investors Make

To enjoy the fruits of a sustainable career in exchange, we have listed ten wallet mistakes people have made in the past as well as the market risk factors so that you invest accordingly and wisely. Visit this site for more.

1. Lacking A Reserved Approach

For beginners, a reserved approach always qualifies to be the best move. You would like to give enough time to gain knowledge about the basics of its in-built technology, technical analysis for understanding various projects, without which one may miss out on big opportunities.

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2. Ignoring Cryptocurrency Charts

Knowledge is power. Reading how to learn cryptocurrency charts must be learned to understand the ideal time to invest or sell. Cryptocurrency charts along with volume charts, price charts, etc. out pours valuable information regarding various trading signals which can designate an uptrend, downtrend, the possibility of trend change, change in market mood.

3. Over-Trading

New investors make the common mistake of over-trading, many of whom trade as many as twenty times a day. The thrilling nature of the cryptocurrency world tempts them to over trade because of which they make bad investments initially and later, over trade to recover from the losses they have faced earlier. What a newbie must know is that you can make it or break it in the world of cryptocurrency in the long run only if you learn how digital financing work and availing memberships in various educational portals where trading experts and critics share their valuable knowledge on the digital financial market can be a start. Shooting in the dark can only get so far.

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4. Wrong Exchanges

Choosing the most popular exchange in cryptocurrency does not guarantee success for you. Since you lack the vital information required to make such decisions, you end up covering a lot of expenses which come in the form of exchange fees. Since the new investors miss out on such vital information because they are unaware, they end up bitter.

5. Social Media Creating Misguided Vision

Social media has become an inevitable part of our life. But it would not be wrong to say that they also bring out our worst fears, anxieties, and most importantly, falling prey to our temptations. In the world of cryptocurrency, 2018 saw social media advertisements hyping a particular token and ended up in a cryptocrash and its impact is still relevant today.

Mind-boggling advertisements and stretching only one truth beyond its practicality can play mind games with many people who end up investing in a bad exchange. Social media adds to making a bubble significantly in order to attract people from all strata to contribute and invest.

The big investors who have their consultancy firms to manage their cryptocurrency end up making huge profits from it by selling their assets in times when there is a high possibility of a trend change leaving a marginal stock of profits for others. Financial misery and moral injury in 2017 when Bitcoin ruled the world cryptocurrency have left many penniless or substantially poorer compared to what they had before they invested.

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6. Falling Prey To Scams

New investors, due to their ignorance, often are the hunting ground for scammers and cryptominers. It is important to learn and read about them before you become a victim of such tragedies. Researching about the exchange is of utmost importance, otherwise, these cybercriminals will work day and night to take advantage of your goodwill and most importantly, your crypto wallets. Never succumb to buying investors in return for your money, access only trustworthy links, and learn to identify these scammers.

7. Not Diversifying The Portfolio

Investing in multiple types of cryptocurrencies and not making a concerted effort to put in all your assets and capital in one is highly recommended. This can be also designated as diversification. When you put all of your eggs in one basket, you are vulnerable to a higher possibility of risk. You not only increase the risk factor but if the market changes its trends suddenly, recovering will be a far-fetched dream. It is advised to split your assets into different cryptocurrencies. Remember that your profile will dictate how to examine the various opportunities.

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8. Investing Emotionally

An uninformed and uneducated approach only makes you ignorant. Having said that, additionally, an emotional approach can rush you into making foolish decisions and facts become non-existent to you. It is very important for you to remain calm during the entire time. A mere small dip should not be a determining factor for you to sell off all your assets. Learn to have a scientific approach, crush numbers and statistics to corner the maximum profit and optimize the same.

9. Short-Term Exchanges

A successful investor is one who has the calmness to refrain from selling his/her assets in the mere introduction of a small dip and hold on for price action to rise sufficiently to gain profits from it. Panicking never leads to a fruitful end. Before giving in to small ups and dips, you need to understand the reason why. The volatile nature of assets in cryptocurrencies designated by local spikes owe much to amateur investors who are buying and selling in small quantities in a very short amount of time. If you are a learned investor, you would know not to get intimidated by that. Minor fluctuations can make you fidgety but you must know better to not feel rushed at all.

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10. Compromising Security

Hardware wallets are the safest option for new investors to commit their assets into. No matter how secured your preferred exchange is, cyber breaches happen and the repercussions can fall very heavy on you. Instead of using exchange wallets, hardware wallets will protect you and your assets from cybercriminals and, most importantly, cryptominers.


The approach is all that matters. Coming from a position of good comprehension and inspection skills as well as being well versed with safety measures is the safest investment plan for a beginner. Stay in tandem with the latest news and avoid getting misled. Do not make these mistakes and get ready to make your first break ever!

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