Who Has The Best Odds For Winning The Euro 2024?

The first round at the Euro 2024 competition is over, and we already know the pairs for the second round. The pairs are:

  • Wales vs. Denmark
  • Italy vs. Austria
  • The Netherlands vs. The Czech Republic
  • Belgium vs. Portugal
  • Croatia vs. Spain
  • France vs. Switzerland
  • England vs. Germany
  • Sweden vs. Ukraine

The great thing about soccer and national championships is that there is always a chance for some surprise where the outsider can reach far from expected. When we look at these pair, the biggest surprise is Wales, who might be biggest outsides along with Ukraine. However, we can see many improvements related to this national team. They were pretty good at the last Euro as well.

If you are interested in betting on the following events, there are many factors that you should know. First of all, you should learn more about each team, their key players, and previous performances. In that matter, you should read sports news more often. If you are interested in reading soccer articles, check out soccersociety.info.

When it comes to the odds, it is a well-known fact that the odds provided by bookies can never be a guarantee that the team assigned as a favorite will surely win the competition. For example, Spain might be the favorite against Croatia, but Croatia had a huge success on the previous World Cup, and there are some extraordinary players in that team, which means that the odd of 1.6 on Spain is not so secure.

The same is with all other pairs as well. You have to be aware that some minor things could make the difference, and you should keep track of different factors like players on particular positions, defense, midfield, attack, formations, h-2-h history, and much more. We are going to introduce you with odds for the following play-offs and analyze more about the chance of each team to win the tournament.

Wales vs. Denmark

Source: Mr Fixit’s Tips

When it comes to simple odds, Denmark is the favorite with the odd around 2, while bookies are giving you over 4 for playing on Wales. The even result also has a good chance according to them. On the other side, you have to know that there are some exceptional individuals playing for Wales who could make a difference on the field, especially Gareth Bale. On the other hand, Denmark is weakened because their best player, Cristian Eriksen had to leave the competition due to injury. Also, any of these two who pass in another round will remain as an outsider with a small chance to win the tournament.

Italy vs. Austria

Source: Crowd Wisdom 360

Italy is the absolute favorite in this match, and the main reason is their performance in the group, which they have finished in the first place without conceding at least one goal. The great team lead by players like Lorenzo Insigne, Ciro Immobile, and Domenico Berardi, talented midfield, and tough defense with Bonucci and Chiellini seems like a team that is good enough to reach the finals. On the other side, Austria has some great individuals like Alaba and Arnautovic, but their win would be a huge surprise.

The Netherlands vs. The Czech Republic

Source: Mr Fixit’s Tips

Everyone who watches football knows that here the Netherland is the absolute favorite with top class players like Wijnaldum, Depay, de Light, and others. The odds on them to pass to the next round is 1.3. Still, they have lower chances to win the title.

Belgium vs. Portugal

Source: Alley Sport

This will be one of the most interesting pairs in this part of the competition. Both of them have excellent teams, with a lot of success on previous tournaments as well. Also, both have top players like De Bruyne, Lukaku, and Hazard on one side, and Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Ruben Dias on another one. When it comes to bookies, they are giving a slightly bigger chances to Belgium, but this will be one of the most unpredictable games. Also, whoever pass this stage will remain as one of the favorites to win the title.

France vs. Switzerland

Source: Toronto Star

The winner of the last World Championship is the favorite to win this tournament as well, and the odds are the lowest for them. When it comes to Switzerland, they are also showing some decent performances, but passing against France would be a huge surprise, especially with one of the most powerful attack formations with Benzema, Mbape, and Griezman.

England vs. Germany

Source: The Independent

This is another clash of titans in the 1/8 finals. Both teams have top tier players in some of the best clubs in the world. The odds are quite similar for both of them. However, we are giving a small advantage to England since they have a huge motivation to win the title because they were too unlucky in previous competitions. Their fans are demanding at least third place.

Sweden vs. Ukraine

Source: Bleacher Report

This will be a tough game and it is difficult to predict the outcome. Sweden is showing that they can play good football even without Zlatan Ibrahimović, while Ukraine has some talented individuals like Yarmolenko, Zinchenk, and Tzigankov who could make a difference. On the other side, both of them are outsiders when it comes to the chances of winning the title. Therefore, it is expected that whoever pass from this pair will probably lose in another round.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the odds for the winner of the Euro 2024, we can notice that most bookies are giving the smallest odds for betting on France, which is not a surprise. The first follower is England, with only slightly higher odds. The next is Belgium, who is also missing win a title for a long time, and their team is very motivated to make a bigger success. The next in the line is Italy, which finally managed to reorganize and play a much better football by the lead of Mancini. Also, Spain, Germany, and Portugal have similar odds as Italy, while all other teams have much higher odds. For example, odd on Croatia is 35, Switzerland 80, and the Chech Republic 150.

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