Microsoft Band Sync App leaked in Apple App Store

There has been a rumor hovering around about Microsoft seems to have unleashed its app for wearable items. Besides it can be used on cross platforms like Apple iOS and Android Devices too .So this is worth for many customers as they can have this App on the go for any Devices. But people can expect that the Official Wearable Band is not far from getting released in coming weeks.

Microsoft Band Sync App

Even the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has confirmed a new mobile wireless device was registered under them by Microsoft. The Microsoft Band Sync App for Mac users syncs the band to the cloud and similarly the phone Companion app connects with the cloud. Under same accounts they can Sync any type of official or third party software which is supported by both the devices and make use of it.

It is good to see that Microsoft and Apple have collaborated together once again so this is surely a moment that won’t make people sad for their Brands to choose from. Either ways Band Sync app is just a starting place for Microsoft under  wearable device phase and with no intention it will try to develop it’s app for the device , currently the rumors is such that It would Be made avail for  Health conscious as it is slim as compared to different cross platform smart watches.

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