Do Betta Fish Like to Be Touched – 2024 Guide

Betta fish are one of the most amazing fish species you can find in home-owned aquariums worldwide. They are not solely cherished for their colorfulness and interesting body type variations, but also for the attitude they manifest while being in company with other fish. Surely, they behave differently depending on the environment, but we can say Betta fish are a species that enjoys being stimulated in different ways, which brings us to the topic of today’s article. So, do they like to be touched? In a nutshell, the answer is negative, but there are things you need to consider before accepting it for granted.

We have already mentioned that Betta fish enjoy being stimulated in numerous ways, and it is interesting to emphasize that some people claim they are capable of recognizing their human guardians. While we cannot claim for sure that your fish pet will know who you are, we are positive they will react when you come closer to your fishbowl and engage a contact.

Offspring Protectors

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Betta fish are known as one of the most protective fathers in the fish kingdom since they take care of their young ones and protect their offspring whatever it takes. Likewise, they are not to be kept in the same tank with other male Bettas, since the chances they will attack one another are major. Unfortunately, those types of conflicts can often result in fatal outcomes, so it is out of the question that you should always keep them apart. They can also attack other males, so if you have to mix them with others, make sure there is plenty of room in the fish tank and that their companions are plainly colored.

Fortunately, they do not act aggressively to other species as long as they have enough space, so mixing them with particular types of snails, frogs, or shells is acceptable as long as they are not on each other’s menu, which you can easily find out if you consult your local pet shop. Females are less aggressive than males, but rest assured they will protect their territory if they feel threatened.

Why Should You Not Touch Your Betta?

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Although you might reckon your Betta wants to make a contact with you, you should consider certain factors why you should not do it, since you can endanger the wellbeing of the whole fish community you might be keeping in the tank.

  • Bacteria

You can never be sure whether your hands and fingers are as clean as they should be, so it is always a better option to steer clear of the fish tank water. Bettas might be aggressive, but they are also very sensitive creatures and potential contamination of their surroundings could endanger their life. Thus, if you must put your hands inside a tank, make sure you take whatever is necessary to make them as clean as possible, and even then, you should avoid touching the fish at all costs. There are numerous types of Betta fish, but they are all vulnerable to inadequate care, so visit this website both to find out how many species there are and to educate yourself on how to treat them appropriately.

  • Coating

If you have ever held a fish in your hand, then you must have noticed it was covered in particular mucus. That slime coat serves as a protector and it is what regulates the fishes’ skin condition. If you would touch your Betta fish in any way, the chances you would disturb the coating are major. For that reason, you should never touch your Betta with your hand, nor finger, nor any other object that could compromise the stability of the slime coat. Disturbing it could either cause severe consequences for your Betta’s health or cause a fatal outcomes, which we suppose is the last thing you would want.

  • Shock and Aggression

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Touching your fish friend might not solely be dangerous for its physical, but also its mental health. Namely, your Betta fish can be triggered to become aggressive, especial if they are a newcomer to your fish tank and they have not accustomed to the environment. Naturally, having to deal with unexpected challenges puts Bettas into a shock, which can also affect their health status. Your fish needs to feel safe, and it surely will not enjoy being chased by an unknown humanoid.

  • Touching Your Betta

Betta fish are living beings, and they ask for a contact of some sort. We do not want to say that your Betta does not want to be touched, we advise you not to touch it since it could endanger its wellbeing immensely.

Numerous pet owners enjoy spending time with their Bettas and they claim it is perfectly safe to touch them carefully and not too often, but those pieces of advice are unreliable and they should be aware that they do what they do at their own risk. Even though avoiding touching your fish friend might be too tempting, remember that the distance is what can save its life.

Train Your Betta

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There are ways of nurturing a relationship with your Betta fish other than touching them. Even though it might sound ridiculously silly, you can train your fish companion over a relatively short period. What you should do is dedicate 5-10 minutes to building a relationship and do whatever else you would do with any other pet, just do not pet them! Namely, call them by the name you give them, feed them as much as they need to eat, but do not overdo it, make their fish tank adequately heated and filtered and you will begin to see progress within weeks.

Betta fish are great pets, and they will enrich both your fish tank and your life as long as you treat them properly. Hopefully, you have learned something new from the aforementioned suggestions and pieces of advice so you can use them to make spending time with your fish friend a more pleasant experience for both of you. Just remember that Bettas are not toys, although they might be as pretty as if they were. They are living beings and should be treated with the respect they deserve.

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