Lenovo Reveals Fitness band named Smartband SW-B100

Lenovo seems to be making its way towards wearable tech Market by flashing some information about their new product known as Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 which is based on wearable fitness tracker that can track daily steps, calories burned, as well as sleep and heart rate are enabled in this device to collect every single piece of data and send it to Lenovo maybe there’s its own cloud service but we don’t know yet but we can expect the same as Microsoft from Lenovo as it seems to be resourceful and efficient enough.

Lenovo Smartband SW-B100

The Smartband packs in some important sensors like Heart rate monitor, Pedometer. Although having a small display screen it can handle alerting the consumers with notifications about incoming calls, messages, important events or alarms.

It’s an cross-platform supported fitness band which is compatible with Android (4.3 – 4.4  …) or iOS 7.1 or later and even Windows Phone devices to display  calories Burned on daily basis , heart rate for checking the stability and other interesting things like distance traveled and steps which are common in every fitness Band . But the news doesn’t end here Lenovo has got something in its palm in wearable tech , a unique feature which lets you unlock or auto-lock  your system whenever you are close to it without forcing to enter the password for loging in.

Smartband SW-B100 1

Under FCC( Federal Communications Commission) , there were some details regarding Lenovo Smartband which was going to be revealed at 2014 IFA consumer conference in Berlin on September but wasn’t able to make it live due to the reason maybe the Acquisition for Motorola .

As of now there aren’t any information regarding its launch date or its price, the leak of these devices on its official Website may not be a fluke. We can expect that Lenovo is willing to make it to their fellow consumers by the end of the month.

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