5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Commercial Doors

Though they all are doors, there is a difference between commercial and residential ones. The most significant difference between both is the use. Commercial doors are excessively used and therefore, their construction and installation are a bit different. As the name implies, commercial doors will be used for commercial purposes.

Therefore, you have to take care of a lot of intricacies while their installation.

Furthermore, there is a chance of making mistakes too. A small mistake might let you stand outside the building and you won’t be able to do anything. That is why you should take care of every small thing because precaution is better than cure.

And if you have encountered a problem with your commercial door, you need a technician for that. A professional technician is required especially if you have an all-time revolving door or a modernized one. But don’t worry, there are a lot of services available online. All you need is the contact information of a trustworthy site that can come to your rescue anytime you face trouble, such as Horton Automatics. You can learn more about them.

But the important thing is the first step, which is its installation. So we are providing you with a list of mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

1. Take care of regulatory regulations

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When it comes to commercial business, there are a lot of things to take care of. Even if it is something like doors, there are proper regulations. For example, the door should be designed in a way to allow access to wheelchairs and disable persons. This clearly states that the door should be good enough to allow access to everyone.
In addition to this, there are proper regulations for the commercial doors. So you should make sure that you comply with them. This will help you out to avoid any future complications. Because if you do not follow the regulations, you might get in trouble with the governmental organizations. For more information about industrial doors be sure to check out Larnec Doors.

2. Take precise measurements

You cannot afford to make any mistake in measurements, therefore, you should always double-check them. In addition to this, commercial buildings have rotating doors. A single wrong measurement will affect the whole structure. Furthermore, the door won’t work smoothly. Therefore, you must retake the measurements at least twice. This will help you to get rid of any complications at work.

Moreover, another problem is that, if there is an error in the measurements, you won’t find it right away. The problem will appear after you install the door and test it. Thus, you will have to pay a double cost in order to achieve better results. You might even have to rebuild the entire door and its platform. So isn’t it better to give a double check beforehand? It will prevent any extra cost and will also save a lot of your time and effort. You have time to do it during the early stage not after.

3. Pay attention to the swing

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Swinging is present in all the door designs. Therefore, you have to make sure the swing won’t cause any disturbance or get disturbed itself. If your installer is an amateur, he might forget to account for the arc, which will cause future complications. Thus, it will disturb the normal functioning of the door.

In addition to this, if the surrounding area is cramped, you will face further issues during the opening of doors. Therefore, you should also consider the measurement of arc and how far the door will go. If the measurements of arc and swing are wrong, they might collide with a nearby entrance or exit. In commercial buildings, there isn’t a single door. Furthermore, the entrances are closer to each other. So if you are using a regular door for entrance, it might collide with another door nearby. Thus, your installer must be smart enough to mind these little details.

This will let you know if the doors are capable of opening and closing without causing any disturbance.

4. Strength of the door

Commercial doors clearly mean that they will be used widely and excessively. Therefore, it should be tough enough to bear the load and excessive use. Of course, you will go with the best quality material. However, there is another factor that will impact the strength and this is the trimmings.

Installers need to trim the doors in order to get the perfect fitting and adjustment with the arc. Therefore, it is an essential thing that will surely be there. However, any mistake in the trimmings will significantly impact the strength of your doors and make them fragile.

For example, if the trimmings are too wide they will weaken the structure. Thus, it won’t last long despite the best quality and high price. Likewise, very thin trimmings will result in leaving gaps under the door. Although it won’t have any effect on the strength of the door it will not look good. So ultimately, you will have an insightful view that will negatively affect the aesthetics of your office. And you don’t want an unprofessional look, do you?

Therefore, make sure that you hire an experienced and professional installer. Only in this way, you will be able to get the right fitting.

5. Ignoring small gaps and voids

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Nothing is perfect, so there are always imperfections in this world. Therefore, you should also expect that despite everything, you can have some voids and gaps in your door fitting. They might not affect the working on your door but they might become problematic in the future. Therefore, you should never ignore them.

Even if you don’t mind them, do not let the installer know that you don’t care about such a small void. There are specific materials that are used to get rid of such voids. The best option is to use foam sealants. They get rid of the void and also provide you with the perfect finishing.

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