Now you will know if WhatsApp user has Read your message with Blue Checkmark

WhatsApp Blue Checkmark

“WhatsApp” the top rated Social app used worldwide by millions of its user has called out its new feature, so people stop panicking about the blue ticks at the end of conversation its nothing but the new featureby WhatsApp in its latest version for android, iOS and Windows. The 2- Blue ticks simply means that the message has been read by the recipient unlike in the past it only used to show the single tick and double tick with grey color for letting the user know that the message has sent but not received or the message was received respectively.

WhatsApp have also updated their FAQ pages “How Can I tell if someone has read my message?” and other page “What are those check marks next to my messages?” providing with the guide for the knowledge about the new features for everyone. WhatsApp made it more futuristic by making it more convenient, the users can also check information about each and every line of conversation by Message info screen which displays details of each line of conversation by displaying when it was sent, read or played for media files.

WhatsApp read receipt feature can also be seen in group chat firstly if you send a message there is a tick (grey colored) at the end of conversation or line, if the message has been received by all the members of the group then there’ll occur 2 ticks (grey colored) and the 2 blue ticks will appear at the end of the conversation which theoretically means that the message has been read by all the members in the group.

WhatsApp recently made clear that the Voice calling over IP (VOIP) features which were going to be announced this year has been postponed until the early 2015 it will be announced. WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, shared the information that the team is working on some technical issues to make the feature full-fledged bug free till then the WhatsApp users have to await for this feature to officially update.


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