Should You Rent A Party Bus Or A Limo For Your Next Occasion

Are you done planning your next occasion and thinking about transportation? Currently, there are plenty of transportation options, and the most common ones are a party bus and a limo. You might be in a dilemma thinking about which vehicle to hire between the party bus and a limo to get the most out of the journey.

To help you come out of that dilemma, we made this practical guide with the basic details, pros, and cons of hiring a party bus or a limo for the upcoming occasion. Hence, let’s get started to find out about them and select the transportation type that meets your requirements.


Party Bus: Basic Information

In general, the party buses can accommodate plenty of people. This transportation is available in different sizes to fit from 10 to 40 people. It is loaded with high-end amenities, and people can enjoy the fun activities throughout the journey.

What’s Best About A Party Bus?

Here are some of the best things about a party bus which shows why the party bus could be the best choice for your next occasion:

  • Party buses are more spacious, and people can move around and dance as well.
  • They have numerous amenities such as a lighting system, laser show, widescreen TV, bar, and many more.
  • While traveling on the party bus, you can play different types of games with your companions.
  • Party buses can be cheaper while traveling together with a large group of people because the hiring price can be divided among the participants.
  • A party bus is suitable when going to fun places and you can enjoy the journey fully.
  • The party bus will have enough space, even if some extra people decided to join the trip at the last moment.

Are There Any Drawbacks Of The Party Bus?

The disadvantage of the party buses include:

  • Party buses might become too big if you are traveling with a small group of people, thus making it costly for everyone.
  • Party buses do not have much of a formal or luxurious vibe like a limo.

Limo: Basic Information

A standard limo looks like a luxury car that is stretched more than the regular ones. It has a formal interior with a long bench-type couch that can accommodate 10 or fewer people.


What’s Best About Limo?

Below are the reasons why the limo could be the ultimate transposition choice for your upcoming occasion:

  • A limo is attributed to the luxurious lifestyle and often helps in making a grand entry.
  • Some limo models give off a romantic vibe, making it perfect for couples who need to attend their receptions and other newly wedded ceremonies.
  • Limos are known for their tinted windows, which means that people outside the vehicle can not see inside the limo.
  • In the limo, there is a boundary between the passenger seats and the driver seat for more privacy.
  • You can rent a small limo at a cheaper price for providing transportation to fewer groups of people.
  • As the limos are smaller than the party buses, they are cozy and intimate for private celebrations.

Are There Any Drawbacks Of The Limo?

The shortcomings of hiring a limo include:

  • Limo does not have much of a party or fun vibe, so sometimes, you might feel bored while traveling to fun places.
  • Mostly, you can not move around much or dance in a limo, and it is only ideal for sitting.
  • Standard limos are limited in size and can not accommodate many people like party buses.
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Party Bus Vs. A Limo: Which One Should You Rent For Your Next Occasion?

First and foremost, calculate the total number of participants that need transportation facilities. By completing the headcount, it will be easy for you to determine whether to choose a party bus or a limo. Though they are available in different sizes, it is better to choose large capacity models to reduce the total number of vehicles. Besides that, fewer vehicles mean less hassle when it comes to parking.

If only 10 or fewer people need transportation, you can choose a standard limo or a mini party bus. If 10 to 20 people require transportation, you can rent a regular party bus or a large limo. Considering the traffic, streets, and parking availability, it is often better to hire party buses instead of larger limos. If you want to accommodate 20 to 40 people at once, it is best to choose high-end and large party buses.

Next, you can select between a party bus or a limo for your upcoming occasion by specifying the theme, interior style, and atmosphere. For example, if you have a business meeting ahead and need to provide transportation facilities for a small group of up to 10 people, you can rent a limo. It is because the limo features more of a formal vibe than standard party buses. Limo is the ultimate transportation option when you need to attend gala dinners, receptions, and many other business-related conferences.

When you are going to a friend’s wedding, birthday parties, college trips, or night outs with a large group of people, you might want to have lots of fun. In that case, party buses are definitely the ultimate choice. However, when you need to attend a formal business event with about 30 people, make sure to rent a large capacity party bus that has a formal interior theme. You can also ask the company to alter the lighting system and other details. However, you have to pay an extra fee for that.



Considering the above elements, you can easily determine which one to choose between the party bus or a limo for your next occasion. Mostly, party buses are suitable for many types of occasions and are also available in various sizes.

There are different types of party buses based on occasions like corporate events, weddings, prom parties, night outs, birthday events, and many more. Check out to find some of the high-end and affordable party buses.

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