6 Ways To Know If Your Toyota Spare Parts Are Genuine – 2024 Guide

There is a great demand for used parts and alternative distributors that are selling products for a more affordable price. However, the price should never be the only factor when you need to repair the vehicle and replace some parts. The potential downside is that it could cause even bigger issues with the vehicle.

Some parts are safe even if you choose used ones, such as rims, tires, interior, and other products that are not part of the powertrain. Also, you can buy a battery or transmission as well, but that will require some knowledge so you can avoid low-quality or fake products. The best option is to choose licensed distributors. If you need genuine Toyota parts, click here. Moreover, here are some important things to know that will help you to avoid fake spare parts.

1. Check the Label

The biggest issue with all kinds of goods today is the increasing number of fake and low-quality copies available on the market. People are attracted by lower prices, but you should keep in mind what issues it could cause. An even bigger problem is that some manufacturers try to create exact copies, and sell them as genuine.

Therefore, before you buy a spare part, be sure to read the label. When it comes to genuine parts, there is always a code that you can use to check if the product is original. You have to know that Toyota and other popular brands have standards when it comes to packaging and labeling, which means that there is no way that they would sell products with mistakes in phrasing or wrong license codes.

2. Packaging Design and Quality

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Car companies always take care of details that will help them to keep or improve their popularity on the market. That is also related to the packages of spare parts. You can easily notice that some product is not genuine if you notice that it is not sealed properly and that the box is made of cheap materials with lack of details.

If you want to buy some product from a local retailer, you can at least check the design and appearance of the original one to be sure they are the same. If there are no official stores in your area, you can compare the parts by visiting the official website of the manufacturer.

3. Differences in Size

As we already mentioned, there are strict standards when it comes to the production of spare parts. Each product from the same line must have the same appearance, color, shape, and size. Also, it will be safely sealed and provided with a unique serial number.

The problem is that many people don’t rely on these details. In that matter, a simple solution that will help you to determine whether a spare part is genuine or not is to bring the broken one with you in the store and compare these details to check if there are some differences. It will be simple to notice if the size and shape are not the same.

4. Compare the Prices

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Buying parts from retailers or used parts on some junkyard is an excellent way to save some money. However, there is always a risk that the part simply won’t work properly. We already mentioned that the price should never be the main factor. Still, if you would rather save some money than buying spare parts from a licensed distributor, you should at least compare these prices.

There is no way that some local retailer could sell these products for a drastically cheaper price unless they are fake. It is known that used parts are cheaper, but you should check various solutions and compare their prices.

For example, the average price of new transmission for Toyota Corolla is $3,500. When it comes to the used model, the price will be around $2,000. If you find the same part for a much cheaper price, you should test it before installing it in your vehicle.

5. Read More About the Retailer

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The reliable retailers are offering transparency to their clients, which means that you can visit their website and find more details about the products, where they are ordering them, are there necessary licenses, warranties, and more. Besides that, it is always a great option to look for reviews and comments of other customers.

The sign of a trustworthy store is the comment section on the website where people can share their opinion about the selection of quality of available products. Besides that, you should visit forums and FB groups where you can find out if the store is selling fake parts.

6. Reasonable Warranty

The duration of the warranty depends on the type of spare part you are planning to buy. Also, there is a difference when you are buying a new or used spare part. On average, the warranty for used parts is at least 3 months.

When it comes to new products, you can expect 3 to 5 years or over 30,000 miles. Therefore, if you notice that there is a significant difference or no warranty at all, the chances are great that it is not safe to buy such products.

The Bottom Line

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The market for used and new spare parts is huge today. Alternative manufacturers are especially on the rise. However, before you decide to buy from an unlicensed store, be sure to check the details that will help you to notice if the products are fake. As we already mentioned, it is crucial to avoid these models for powertrain and other parts of the vehicle essential for proper functionality.

Stores that are safe and reliable often create contracts with popular brands and get these parts directly from the production lines. Buying a cheaper alternative from an unknown brand might seem like a great solution to save some money, but it will cost you much more in case that these parts cause malfunctions that will require additional replacements and repairs.

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