How Far in Advance Should You Book a Limo For Your Business Trip

In the world of business travel, there are few methods of transportation safer than a limo service. Limos have become the poster boys for rich people going from point A to point B while simultaneously riding in a luxury car that provides tons of amenities.

While limos are also used for weddings, ceremonies, and graduation parties, they’re most commonly used in the business world. But with so many people doing it, is there a rule of how far in advance should you book one?

To get the answer to that question, we have an article just for you. So, let’s start.


Why Should You Book A Limo Service Early?

To get the answer to this question, we have to look at what benefits you’re getting by doing so.

1.   Getting the Right Limo

Limo services usually diversify their fleet by having multiple different vehicles available to their clients. And if you’re someone that wants to impress a client, then you have to hire the best one.

To do that, you have to book it early. This ensures that the vehicle you want will be available. Anything but that you’re leaving to chance. So don’t hesitate to book a limousine service early to make sure you have the limousine you want.


2.   Getting the Right Amount of Limousines

Not every business trip will involve the use of a single limousine. If you have multiple clients coming in, then it’s smart to hire a few limos. Doing this prevents overcrowding and you’ll impress the clients even more.

While your spending power doesn’t necessarily equivalate to success, it will come in handy when looking to impress a very important client. If you leave it to the last day, there is no telling if the limousine service will have the desired number of vehicles available.

3.   Getting the Company You Trust

There are hundreds of limousine services in your area. If you live in a particularly big city like Toronto, then there is no telling how many limousine services exist.

While doing a quick Google search does solve this problem, not every company is trustworthy. If you’ve done business with a particular company, then you’ll likely want to continue cooperation with that company during your next business trip.


Trust comes a long way in this industry, so what better way to impress your clients than to hire a company that you can trust to fulfill all of your demands.

If you, again, leave it late, then the company might not be available. So by booking far in advance, you make sure that the company is available, the desired limo is available, and they have multiple vehicles available for that day.

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How Far In Advance Should You Book A Limo Service?

Now let’s answer the question that you’re actually here for. While we’ve laid out the benefits of booking early, how early should you do it? Is there a rule to it? Let’s find out.

·       Consider the Time of the Year

First things first, you should consider when you need the limo. We can easily figure this out by looking at the time of the year. Much like in any other industry, peak season dictates when limousines are most in demand. If you try to book in peak season, then you’ll most likely face difficulties getting all of your demands fulfilled.

So as a general rule of thumb, you should book the service as early as two months in advance. You do this as it gives you the best chance to avoid peak season when booking.

But what are the most common peak seasons? The first one that everyone has to look out for is Christmas. On Christmas, companies hire limos for Christmas events. The most common event includes holiday parties.


·       Consider the Event

Business trips don’t necessarily have to be about business. These trips are usually about impressing a client. So what better way to impress a client than to take them on a special event. No doubt a couple of these events stand out.

The first one is sporting events since chances are your clients will be into some sports. Even if they’re not particularly fond of hockey, taking them to the finals of the Hockey National Championships might be an event they want to experience in their lifetime.

Concerts are also great for impressing your clients. But much like sporting events, they’re rather difficult to align. But when looking to take a client on a business trip to one such event, how far back should you book the limousine? As a general rule of thumb, you should book a couple of weeks in advance. This gives you the best logistical chance to make the trip work and make sure that the service can meet all of your demands.

·       Can You Cancel?


While it’s easy to book in advance, the reason many do it is that it gives them the option to cancel anytime. If you book last minute, you won’t really have this option.

While this one depends on the service, most will allow you to cancel if you book weeks or months in advance. The obvious logistical benefits for both you and the company allow a cancelation to happen.

So if you indeed book a month in advance, then there is a real chance that the company will allow you to cancel anytime. Since things change and trips get canceled all the time, it would be wise to book in advance.


There is no real answer to this question. What everyone should know is that booking weeks if not months in advance gives you enough time to prepare for the trip and cancel if it comes to that. You might even get a discount of some sorts, get amenities included, and get the limousine you’ve always wanted.

There are dozens of other benefits to booking early, so don’t miss out on those by being sloppy and lazy.

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