Ask These Questions to Make Your Relationship Stronger

In a relationship, communication is the most important thing and you must be tired of hearing and reading this, but it is still an unchangeable fact. When he is silent, things are unclear and expectations may not meet. At a given stage of the relationship, it is necessary to close some open questions, but also to ask new ones, so that you can be sure if the course is what you want and expect. Although it is very difficult to start such conversations, the earlier you do them, the more time you will have to change some things or give up some intentions in order to stay mentally healthy and strong in that relationship.

No matter how you met your partner, in person, or through services like, some things should not be kept silent. In fact, asking questions will help you define the relationship and see if it’s right for you or if you can make some changes.

In order to help you do that, we have selected a few important questions, the answers to which accurately and clearly guide the development of mutual relations.


Do you have sexual preferences?

In this regard, you must be open so that you can both be aware of some fetishes, specific desires, or fantasies. Everyone should be able to share with the loved one what he wants and what he expects from sex. Although it is a matter of physical pleasure, limits must be set, but also the level of openness must be defined, for all this to work well.

What is cheating for you?

Of course, you do not plan to cheat on your partner, but you may have different definitions of cheating. For example, the other party may not have a problem if you receive a message at any time of the night, and you may have it if that happens. It is also normal for things to remain unresolved with ex-partners, so closure occurs in the early stages of a new relationship. Define these things, no matter how early it may seem to you because misunderstandings and conflicts can easily occur.


What do you want to achieve in life?

You may not know exactly what he wants to be next, but he will give you an idea if you are dealing with an ambitious person who has a goal and plans or lives from today to tomorrow. This is very important because the same way of behaving and perception can be reflected in the way your relationship works.

What does the perfect day look like to you?

Like a banal question, but in the detail of the answer is hidden important information about your partner. You will be able to see if the wishes and expectations are real or if he lives in an unattainable world of fantasy. Notice if that perfect day would involve you, at least in part. Do not delve into the interpretation of the answers, but keep in mind the details that it tells. Of course, it does matter if you get the same question or not, to know if they are interested to discover more about your definition of a perfect day.

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Do you have a suggestion on how to improve our relationship?

In a healthy relationship, there will be suggestions and suggestions. Those who are indifferent to it will say something flat, enough to answer the question and change the topic. Surely you are not a perfect person and there are parts of your character that irritate and irritate, so it is good to open this issue every few months. Sometimes the answers can get angry, but that is only one part that needs to be crossed, for the relationship to become better and more stable.

Do you have irrational fears?

Talking about your fears also means deepening the trust between the two partners. It is not pleasant for everyone to talk openly about it, but when there is someone around whom he trusts, things become much easier. Fears are something we live with, and irrational ones are more dangerous because they prevent us from enjoying life. Shared fear is reduced fear, so listen carefully to what it says when you ask this question.


What home chores are your favorite?

This should not sound like a shift that does not wash the dishes or does not start the machine on time. In fact, it can easily contribute to sharing household chores fairly and proportionately, with no one doing all the work and another just throwing out the trash and lying around all day.

What is the level of your self-criticism?

Due to the circumstances in life, some people are too self-critical and have no tolerance for themselves, to the point that they hate themselves. This is something you can work on together, especially if you get an honest answer to this question.


How ready are you to compromise?

Compromises are part of everything we do. Sometimes one has to give in to strong attitudes in order for a compromise to be productive, rather than destructive. If the person is not ready for that, the relationship will not deepen either.

How do you look at me?

This is a confusing question, so think before you answer. But it is more a consequence of seeking the right words to describe you than of not knowing how to do it. However, an interesting question that you can pay attention to when you are ready to hear the answer, whatever it is.

Working on your relationship also means devoting time and attention to other people’s desires and preferences. But as always, the priority is you. If any answer to any of these questions makes you feel bad, then ask yourself again, are you willing to stay in that relationship or do you prefer choosing something better? No matter how much you are in love, it is not the solution to always stay with someone who does not know how to appreciate it from you.

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