Rolaris Ranger Full Doors Vs Half Doors – Understand the Difference

Polaris Ranger is known for its tough structure and impeccable driving experience. Drivers do not hesitate taking it on uneven paths as they are confident it wouldn’t ditch them mid-way. Everything from its tyres to its body is robust and reliable.  And while the vehicle is loved for the airy driving experience it offers it is best to install doors for added safety. Now, there are mainly two choices when it comes to choosing doors for Ranger. You can either go for full length ones or half. Let us take a brief look at how they change your vehicle for good.


Ranger Full Doors – For Complete Safety

Full doors offer complete coverage. They are affixed from the bottom to the top to keep you and your stuff safe inside. Here are the numerous benefits of installing full doors:

Shut the Dust Outside

You can enjoy the view outside through the window without letting the dust and debris pave their way inside when you have these doors installed. Thus, they prove to be particularly beneficial for those who require driving on muddy and dusty roads. This way neither you nor your cargo will require a clean-up after reaching the destination. You will be as spick and span as you started.

No More Rigorous Fastening/ Unfastening of Cargo

Ranger full doors help avoid a lot of hassle too. How? Well, you wouldn’t have to tuck and fasten your stuff meticulously and then go through the hassle of unfastening it as you reach your destination when you have this useful accessory installed. You can simply place your stuff under the seat or anywhere it fits and get going.

No More Fretting About the Weather

Installing full doors and a sturdy roof offers protection from harsh climatic conditions. You don’t need to fret about unexpected rains, snowfall or harsh UV rays when you have these essential accessories installed. You can make your travel plans as per your convenience without bothering about the weather outside. When you get complete coverage you can even get an air-conditioner installed in your vehicle to maintain a soothing temperature on the way. This can prove to be truly beneficial for those who require travelling long distances.

Makes Your Vehicle Childproof

When you cover your vehicle thoroughly from all sides, it becomes childproof. With this addition, you don’t have to keep a check on your kids even if they sit on the back seat. You can concentrate on your driving while they sit and enjoy. Likewise, the passengers can take a nap without the fear of falling off.


Ranger Half Doors – For Comfort and Style are a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style. And of course, they add to the safety of the passengers as well as the luggage. Here is a closer look at the advantages they offer:

Augments the Style Quotient

One of the best things about these doors is that they don’t kill the Ranger vibe rather they enhance it. They make your stylish vehicle all the more chic.

Enhances the Driving Experience

The UTV, as we mentioned earlier, is loved because of the open air driving experience it offers and half doors do not interfere with it. They make the driving experience safer yet as much fun. You can feel the wind touching your face and ruffling your hair yet escape the debris hitting your feet and ruining your sneakers when you have these installed.

Adds to the Safety

They add to the safety of the passengers as well as the cargo. Anything kept underneath the seat remains safe inside even if you do not fasten it. It wouldn’t slide down. The passengers can also sit comfortably and even take a nap without worrying about slipping or falling. Travelling with children especially becomes convenient with this addition.

Protection from Harsh Weather

When you go for half doors for your Polaris, you have the option of installing half windshield that offers added protection. You may also get a sturdy roof installed for added protection. These accessories are particularly a good choice for those who require travelling to areas that witness unexpected rainfall/ snowfall or scorching hot sun.


Do not Compromise on the Quality

The kind of roads you frequent and the amount/ kind of stuff you require carrying in your UTV are two factors that need major consideration while choosing the type of doors. Nevertheless, whichever type you choose, it should be high on quality. Those crafted with solid steel are the best choice. They are strong, durable and reliable. You may have to spend a bit extra for them but the amount spent would be totally worth it. Conversely, settling for low-quality ones just to save some money can have fatal repercussions. So, you must avoid them completely.

You will find a number of brands selling these accessories. Thus, making a choice can be difficult at times. It is best to go for a brand of good repute. Further, you must read the reviews and ratings shared by customers. This gives a clearer picture about the quality of the product. You will also get a variety of colour options. This is another crucial choice as it can make or mar the look of your vehicle. So, choose it cautiously after considering all the available shades.

It is suggested to shortlist a few doors based on their quality, colour as well as your budget. You can discuss the pros and cons of your short listed products with your local mechanic to drill down to the option best suited for your vehicle. It is also a good idea to seek his help to get them installed. The installation process does not take much time. It does not even involve much cost.

We hope this helps you understand the difference between full and half doors for Ranger. Pick one that matches your requirement and also augments your vehicle’s overall appeal. And don’t forget to tell us which one you finally decided to go for. We would love to hear from you!

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