Users cannot Downgrade to iOS 8.1 from iOS 8.1.1 as Apple Stops Signing 8.1 update

Certainly a bad news for iOS users who recently upgraded to the latest iOS 8.1.1 update. It’s not so late that Apple has suddenly dropped the iOS 8.1 and continuing with the latest iOS update 8.1.1. So users with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad Air or iPod who are looking to upgrade or get to the older version of apple, it is practically not possible as the situation has changed and the Apple has officially stopped signing the firmware.

Although the iOS 8.1.1 have some bug fixes and made stable for performance from the previous version but some people still don’t want it and are sad about the sign off from the older versions. If you’re still not convinced about that then you can check by yourself by going to the Website for checking the signing status, there resides a red ‘!’ sign where there used to be green check mark earlier.

ios-8-1But hopefully there is some light left for the Apple iOS owners that they were able to jailbreak on iOS 8.1 and now they can jailbreak the whole set of Apple devices which runs on iOS 8.1.1, but if you’ve already jailbroken on iOS 8.1 then it’s a different situation wherein you can stay on the iOS 8.1 as long as you want or else upgrade to iOS 8.1.1 and jailbreak it again to take on the benefits.

The major reason behind this sign off strategy may be that the Apple is more concerned about Apple pay usage, which will drastically increase their fortune if more of the Apple users migrate to the latest iOS 8.1.1. Then only they’re able to do this, but if Apple allowed the downgrading feature then most of the consumers will downgrade and will not be able to use it. This is why Apple wants users to stop from downgrading or getting back to the earlier versions.

There can be various reasons why Apple doesn’t allow to downgrade while releasing a new Update and its impact is experienced by the users. It has its own pros and cons. Similar situations arose when IOS 13 was released. A lot of changes like new fonts in the mail, a new gallery view for notes and support for shared folders, and adding details in the reminders were experienced. It can be derived that these new updates were necessary to introduce as  Android is already leading with some of these new features in Android Q you can check it out at


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