9 Different Types of Massage Therapies & Tips for Choosing the Right One

Massage treatment has long been used in all cultures. Thanks to the skills of qualified therapists, massage manipulates soft tissues and muscles in the body. This leads to exceptional relaxation, but also to the improvement of your physical and mental health. If you are not sure which massage suits you best, learn something new about different massage styles. Many people use more than one style, which is an equally good solution.

1. Relax massage

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Relax massage improves circulation, eliminates tension, as well as a negative impact of stress. It is recommended for those who are going for a massage for the first time, because the therapy involves lighter movements that you will surely like. If you sit at work for too long, just a few treatments will be enough to recover your body. Relax massage contributes to the removal of dead cells, care and tightening of the skin. The point of this massage is complete relaxation, and during the process you can choose between a gentle or moderate touch of your body by the therapist. If you want, you can include aromatherapy in the massage, which makes is very relaxing, according to alluremassage.ca. It is a light and gentle combination of movements that will relieve you of a low degree of muscle pain and contribute to the overall relaxation of the body.

2. Therapeutic massage

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If you complain of pain in your back, neck, legs or arms, then you should decide on a massage as soon as possible. Therapeutic massage is recommended for everyone who has these problems or sits at the computer for a long time. It is also a popular choice for athletes, but also for those who go through stress at work every day or whose body has been in the wrong position for a long time. These are everyday occurrences in the life of a modern person, but you should not ignore them if you want to maintain the quality of your life.

So consider this massage performed by a professional therapist. It acts deeper on the tissue, because the movement is more penetrating and stronger. Don’t worry, the therapy is completely painless. A lot of people do not see the difference between therapeutic and relax massage. Although they are seemingly similar, there are a few differences. For example, the main differences are in the strength of touch, speed of movement, as well as in the problems solved by therapeutic massage.

3. Head and face massage

Head and face massage is definitely the most gentle type of massage, which is why it is so adored by users of different ages. As a result of this massage, you will get a significantly reduced level of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood, as well as an increase in white blood cells. They are an important part of the immune system. Head and face massage also removes fatigue and tension, which makes your body stronger and more resistant. This is a very important segment of relaxation massage of the whole body, because a large amount of tension is retained in regions such as the jaw, forehead and lips.

4. Sports massage

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This type of massage is considered an integral part of training or sports competition. Athletes who take care of their health do not avoid this form of massage. It is recommended to go for a massage before, during and after sports activities. We must mention that sports massage is divided into preparatory and relaxing. It is intended for athletes, but also for others who have intensified physical activities. The goal is to prevent the unwanted consequences of strenuous physical activity.

It also contributes to faster recovery of the forehead, and better circulation in the muscles is achieved. This encourages muscle work before exertion or their relaxation after activity. Research shows that sports massage achieves much better results in all physical activities.

5. Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is mostly chosen by women, but it is intended for all genders, as well as ages. The goal of this massage is to alleviate edema and prevent fluid retention. After the treatment, you will feel a greater amount of energy and return of strength. Thanks to the treatment, you will eliminate the fatigue that remains in your body.

Anti-cellulite massage contributes to the better functioning of the lymphatic system on which our overall health depends. A qualified therapist puts pressure on the areas affected by cellulite, squeezes and breaks down fat deposits. It also squeezes the muscles in the affected areas in order to separate the fat from the connective tissue.

6. Anti-stress massage

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If you need a relaxing and light massage, then opt for an anti-stress massage. It is an opportunity to establish the right mental balance and prevent the waste of your own energy. This is a great way to deal with stress. During the therapy, controlled heated essential oils are used, which improve the health of your body, but also have a positive effect on your thoughts and spirit. Thanks to the technique used in massage, you will get better circulation and reduced muscle tension. This massage is known to relieve headaches and other types of pain. You will improve the quality of sleep, as well as mental focus.

7. Know your goals

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Each of these types of massages will have a positive impact on health, thus contributing to a better quality of your life. However, the choice of massage depends on your daily commitments, lifestyle and your needs. So think about your goal first. You need to know what you want to get from massage therapy. For example, you may want to get rid of daily back pain or you may need an anti-stress massage. Different types of therapy work differently on certain parts of the body.

8. Learn about massages

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The more information you gather, the better decision you will make. Since there are several types of massage therapy methods, there are differences between them. If you learn what these differences are and what are the characteristics of certain therapies, you will be able to find a technique that suits you. Only then will you meet your needs.

9. Do a mini-survey

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It is not enough to research only about the types of massages, but it is important to find a suitable therapist. It must be someone with enough experience in the method you want to receive. You can always call a therapist or schedule a consultation with him. Inquire about their areas of expertise, years of practice, previous clients, etc. It is advisable to nail the test session. Make an appointment and try a specific massage.


If you follow these simple tips, we are sure you will find a massage style that suits you perfectly. Remember that a good massage therapist is the first step in experiencing the benefits of therapy. Everyone has different expectations from the session, so think about which type of massage you like the most 

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