How to Take amazing photos through Nokia Lumia phone using Fast Camera App

Nokia Lumia phones come in low to high end range. And the output keeps on increasing on the basis of model. Now here the camera that runs no stock app does not gives you much feature. I am quite sure compare to Android people are not at all happy using the camera of Lumia phones. That is because the stock camera app brings very less features to use.

Here I am going to give you some nice options through which you can take great pictures through Lumia devices. And this works better if you are having a device like Lumia 920 or 1020. The stock camera is not having enough settings to take fast and clean pictures. So here we will be using Fast Camera App. Luckily this app is also variable for Android, and iOS. So if you want you can test it. But this one is the best app for Windows devices to take great pictures.

A few good points of this app is that you get a burst shooting mode in this. That means you can take a brush shoot instantly on a single scene and choose the best one here. And the processing is really fast. It also brings time lapse and stop motion options. But you cannot use this app for taking videos. It is design for photography only. It is a great app for rookie also. So here I am going to give you a few tips on using this app and taking great photos on Lumia.

Lumia Fast Camera

Fast Camera Download:

The app is available on Windows Phone Store. Just go on the same and then download the Fast Camera pp. It is not a very high size app. It is just around 2MB and this includes all its feature. The size is higher on android. Low size means it will also perform really fast and will not lag or cause issue with the device performance.

Taking Pictures:

Once you are done with the installation start the app. And in that you can find a shooting mode. This will led you to have a viewfinder covering the entire screen. And to take picture you just have to tap on the start button. There is no shutter button on the same. You have to start the shooting mode before taking pictures. One you click a few photos the app also let you review them and you can delete the pictures that you don’t like much.

Fast Camera Settings:

There is a tiny gear icon in the app that launches the setting of Fast camera. In which you can configure various setting related to resolution, exposure, and it is applicable for both front and back camera. Some apps like this are limited to back camera only. But Fast camera let you use both of them. A simple thing you can do is start timer and enable time snap. So that you can have a bit more detail about the pictures you are taking. You can also find a lot of filters here.

Shooting Mode:

When you start shooting, the mode allows you to select form different models. Like in manual you can find 4 options. You can also select continues and burst mode here. You have option to take pictures in bunch of 5, 10 & 25. Compare to other mode the burst mode is lot more simple. You just have to hold the camera button for some time and the mode is started. This helps you to take some really great pictures with simple tapping.

Stealth Shooting Mode:

Fast Camera has a stealth shooting mode. That means taking a photo secretly. It happens sometime we need a option through which we can take picture quietly. And this feature helps a lot. There are some options that you have to configure. And without starting the app you can take pictures quality. The shutter sound is switched off. Once you had enabled it you just have to tap on the phone screen two times to start taking a picture.

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